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Tsubasa's eyes shone as her dark blue suede suit made her look very professional. It was time. She walked into the room and waited for the girls to arrive. There was a room filled with girls the age of 14 desiring to become the next generation understudies. At that moment Acchan was present. Staring at Nagisa Motomiya, a girl much like her. An enormous light was hidden inside her. The light of Maeda Atsuko. Right then Acchan knew. She was the one. But she wasn't the only one. Another girl Chieri Sono. Then another. Yuka Ichjiyo. And another. Orine Aida. The number of shining stars kept accumulating. Sonata Shinonome, Makoto Yokomizo, and Suzuko Kanzaki. But amongst the current understudies two others possesed the same light. Kanata Shinonome and Mimori Kishida. The next generation.... Acchan's light appeared. Tsubasa's eyes glistened. She saw the light in these girls and knew. "Acchan..." she said. This is the chosen generation. The key to saving Acchan.

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