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"Calum?" I ask still in the car


"You know how we agreed never to see each other again?"

His face falls but he says "Yeah, sorry about that"

"No" I smile "really, thank you for staying and trying to help me"

"Of course, I'll help you. Do you want to share or want a yogurt of your own"

"How many cal" I stop when I see his face

"You know what. I'll have my own, just a small though" I see him smile and he puts out his hand for me to grab.

Luke opens the door and inside I go with the 4 towering dorks who all pile on gummy bears and oreos. I go for a passion flavour and some lychee and mango.

After I finish mine, Luke lets me try his chocolate one.

"Oh my fucking god. This is fucking amazing. Calum, this is amazing. you are literally the bestest friend ever" I laugh

"good enough to know your name?" he laughs

"maybe" I laugh. I stick out my hand and say "Hi. My name is Cassie"

"Well then I'm Calum and this is Luke, AShton and Michael"

I sit back down and steal one of his gummy bears."Cassie? Wanna head back, Ash says we can stop by the video rental shop he use to work at and get a movie"

"What do you fucking mean I can't get this" Ashton asks

"That's not enough money"

"Look here. I have 3 movies, that's 30 dollars and then in half for 15"

"It's $30"

"What about the discount?" Ashton asks

"Ash, man, you were fired last month for drumming on the tables. The discount doesn't apply anymore"

He turns towards us and says "Um, so I think our movie marathon might be just a one movie kinda thing"

Michael rolls his eyes and shoves over and gives ash the 15 bucks needed. Ashton hugs Michael and luke and I grab the movies. Calum shoves ashton and michael out the door and thanks the guy.

We end up making a huge pillow fort and Calum's sister Mali joins us.

"Oh hey Mali and Mum, this is Cassie"

"Hello" I smile

"Well now that I know your name cassie, would you like some milo or hot chocolate?"

"Um, can I just have some  water"

"sure thing" Soon enough there's popcorn, water and apple slices. I sit between Luke and Calum  on the floor with Michael and Ashton taking up the couches. We watch Anchorman 2, the lego movie and frozen.

"Um, Calum I'll be back I'm just going to use the restroom"

I rush in and open my bag taking out the cocaine. I busy cleaning up my face when I see the door open and Mali staring at me and the drugs.

"Um sorry, I'm just uh" I stutter

"Sorry, cal sent me here with some clothes for you. they should fit. he wasn't sure if you had pajamas. "I'm fine, night" I say. I push past her and rush back to the living room.

I quickly change pulling over a long shirt and pajama shorts. I pull the blankets over me and pretend to sleep before the boys come in.

I hear calum and mali talking. "What the fuck have you gotten in?"

"I don't know, just don't tell mum. I think she's really warming up to her"

"for god's sake cal, this isn't some puppy. she has a family"

I see him shake his head "we're all she has. And I'm trying to make her happier. I just need to figure out it all. "

I wipe my nose and stare at the ceiling waiting for everyone around me to fall asleep.

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