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y/n pov

I put on a fake smile and walked in my house, "Hi mom!" I said pretending to be cheerful. "Hi Honey! How was school?" She said while doing the dishes. "It was good! I'm going to go to my room and do homework." I said wearing a fake smile, "Ok Dear. I'll leave you alone so you can focus." "It'll take a while. Love you!" "Love you to!" I didn't have homework...It was just so she would leave me alone..So she wouldn't see me hurt myself....So she wouldn't see me cut. A tear slid down my cheek, more came as I reached my room. I opened the door and locked it behind me. Everyone thought I was a happy, cheerful girl that had the best life ever. It was all an act. I'm never happy, If you ever see me smile; it's not real, it's never real. I sat on my bed and starred at the razor in my hand. Why do I do this? Why does the happy girl with tons of friends cut herself? My dad and little sister died two months ago. They died in a car crash with a drunk driver. My dad died on the seen, my sister died holding my hand. I cried harder, She was only six. I slit the first cut and watched the blood pore. I slit another and another until I sliced 17 cuts. I watched the tears mix with blood. I walked into my bathroom (You have a master bedroom) and cleaned my arm. I wrapped it up in gauze, when people asked, I simply said it looked cool. I walked out of my room, "I'm going for a walk, Is that ok?" I asked my mom, "Sure honey!" How can she be so happy when my her husband and daughter died not long ago? "Thanks mom!" I skipped 'happily' out the door. As Soon as the door shut, my act stopped. I sighed and walked towards the woods. I walked for who knows long and stopped under a large tree. I pulled out my razor, which I brought with me. I glanced at my other arm that I didn't cut. I smiled slightly, this was like a friend to me, my little Friend. My smile dropped as I slid it across my wrist. The branches above me moved and I yelped, someone grabbed the razor, flung it, and pulled me into a hug. "Don't ever do that again!" I managed to get out of his grasp and I backed away, "Who are you?" I said looking at the guy who stopped me. He wore a white V neck that had black trimming, grey pants, black shoes with purple shoelaces, He wore black headphones that had a glowing purple circle on each side. He had brown hair that covered his left eye. His eyes were purple and looked like a dragons, he also had black/purple wings and a purple tail. "I'm Enderlox, please never do that again." He said with a worried expression, he walked closer to me and stood in front of me. I suddenly felt angry, "Why do you care?! Why'd you stop me?!" I half yelled, half growled. "I don't like to see you hurt." He said calmly. "Why?! Why do you care!? I have nothing to live fo-Hmm!?" He cut me off by kissing me. My eyes widened in surprise and I slowly started to kiss back. He pulled away, with a smile, "That's why I stopped you." I smiled, my first genuine smile, "O-oh." Was all I said in my shocked state, 'Guess I have something to live for after all.'

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