2. Suppressed by all my Childish Fears

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2. Suppressed by all my Childish Fears

Mitch grew up in your basic upper-class household in Dallas, Texas. The fact that he was born in 1955 and looked like he was born in 1995 was neither here nor there.

How was he born, you ask? His mother was immortal, too. Reproduction was difficult, but it wasn't impossible. Immortals weren't as rare as one would think. After all, they stuck around for quite a while.

In fact, chances are that most people had run into an immortal or two by the time they reached adulthood.

Now, whether they had run into one within a few months of their own death? Those chances were a bit less likely.

As with any population of beings, immortals could be placed into categories based on their character, morals, and general disposition. Basically, there were good immortals, and there were bad. Unfortunately, this line was blurry.

On top of that, some immortals held powers that others did not. Mitch and Kevin held your typical immortal capabilities. They were the standard model, with no bells and whistles, if you will. Eternal life, seeing people's expiration dates as they approached... and they could move through space instantaneously.

No, in the real world, this was not called apparating. In fact, Mitch read the entirety of Harry Potter with one giant eyeroll at how impossibly wrong they described the sensation.

No, you can't leave part of your body behind and become "splinched". No, you can't use objects to help you. There's no such thing as a portkey. Sheesh.

If you needed some of the more... higher-order tasks accomplished, you would have to ask someone with higher powers. Unfortunately, somehow, these individuals tended to toe the line between good and bad. And chances were, if you took them up on a deal, you'd pay for it, eventually.

Greedy bastards.

Mitch eyed the napkin on his bedside table. He wasn't sure why he was already planning on making whatever sacrifice he needed to in order to save this stranger.

His phone buzzed, and he grabbed it, assuming that Matt needed to be picked up from the gym.

Matt was the only mortal in Mitch's life who knew what he was, other than his father, that is. It was a risky move, to tell him, but one day when Matt would age and Kevin and Mitch would not, he knew that the questions would come flooding out. It had been easier to rip off the band-aid now.

And now, Matt really just liked to be transported around all the time.

But the name on his screen surprised him.

Scott Hoying: Hey guess what?

Mitch's heart fluttered, and he was immediately embarrassed by this fact.

Sure, an immortal sixty-six-year-old couldn't be compared to a mortal one, but the fact that he was crushing on someone who was one-third of his age was pretty strange. He couldn't remember the last time he had allowed himself to feel this way.

Mitch Grassi: Hello. What?

He cringed at his formality. He knew that Millennials found most forms of punctuation to be cold and angry.

Scott Hoying: Wow. Hello robot. 🤖

Mitch laughed at how he had predicted that response. Typical for the strange generation.

Mitch Grassi: Hello, mortal.

He laughed at the truth of his own answer.

Scott Hoying: lol

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