Friendly Strangers {2}

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When I finally woke up, I could tell something was different from when I fell asleep. As I began to fully open my eyes and take in my entire surroundings, I realized that I was no longer leaning against the window but Jay's shoulder. His truck was no longer parked but driving behind my car.

Wait a minute.

How are we driving behind my car? Who is driving my car? What?

"Hey sleeping beauty." Jay said, causing me to blush at the nickname. "My dad finally came but I didn't want to wake you so I thought you could just stay in here until we get back to my dad's shop. I hope that was okay." He said the last part rather nervously.

"You're fine. Thank you for letting me use you as a pillow. I'm sure I didn't help your driving." I tried to joke.

"I didn't mind." He said with a kind smile.

"So how far away is your dad's shop?"

"Just about another ten minutes."

"Okay. So what's your favorite color?" I asked.

Jay looked at me a bit confused but laughed and said, "Red, you?"

"I like mint. If you could have any animal for a pet and they'd be perfectly trained, what animal would you want?"

"I have no idea. Maybe a cheetah or a koala bear."

"I'd want a gorilla or a tiger."

"Why the random questions?"

"I didn't know what to talk about so I just started asking basic questions." I shrugged.

"And that one about animals was a basic question?" He laughed, putting emphasis on the word 'basic'.

"Don't mock me! It's my defense mechanism!"

"Defense against what?" He teased.

"Awkward silences." I mumbled.

Jay nodded his head in agreement before asking, "What's your favorite Disney film?"

We continued to talk and ask each other questions throughout the short drive to his dad's repair shop. Pretty soon we were pulling into a giant warehouse looking building.

"This is it." Jay said as he pulled in his truck.

We got out and walked over towards my car.

"Well, hello there! Who is this?" I heard from my left. I turned to see the owner of the voice was a rather old man.

"Hey grandpa!" Jay went and helped him walk over towards me.

"Who is this pretty young woman?" Jay's grandpa threw a teasing wink my way.

"This is Maddy and that's her car." Jay pointed to my car that sat in the middle of the garage like a corpse.

"What happened to it?"

"We're not really sure. Dads looking at it right now."

"Looks like you're going to be staying here for a while. Your motor needs a couple of new parts but they need to be ordered." A man said, wiping grease off of his hands as he walked away from my car. Once he was sure his hands were clean, he stuck one out towards me.

"My name is Dave. I'm guessing this is your car?" He jutted his thumb out towards the little vehicle and I nodded.

"I should have it fixed within a day of getting parts but the earliest they'll come is in about five days. If you have somewhere to be then I can drive you to the nearest rental place and give you a call when it's fixed but I'm afraid that your only other option is to stay out here until she's done."

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