Puppy 2

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Bakugou POV:

I was crying into dekus chest, sure I hate the dude but I'm really upset right now

"Aw it's ok baby" he says making me confused


"Um yeah... ima go back to my dorm for a nap I'll see you tomorrow morning..." I say he nods and sets me down everyone coos at me even Mr.aizawa as a walk out of the class

Once I made it to my dorm I laid on my bed

Puppy? Me? This has to be a mistake please let it be a mistake

I don't wanna be weak and puppies are.

Ugh what am I gonna do

I kept thinking intell I slowly fell asleep


I wokeup to sun hitting my face I scrunch my nose and sit up


I get out of bed and WAIT-

I look down and I'm like a whole lot shorter my pants fell off and my sweater is too my knees I look at the mirror and I look so small I went from 5'7 too fucking 4'7 this ain't fair. I put on my old shorts and my hoodie that covered my shorts, you could barely see my hands

I walk downstairs I see everyone talking to each other some of the grew ALOT everyone is taller than me:(

I stepped fully into the room everyone's eyes immediately went to me

"AWWWWW" The girls squealed

"Hey little one did you have a nice nap?" Deku asked picking me up

"Yeah, and put me down!" I yell he just smiles

"Nonsense your too little" he says I'm too tired to argue

Deku has been more clingy ever since yesterday when I got- well you know

"I'm glad you came down at a perfect time puppy! food is ready we are having some pancakes yummm" deku said as if I was a child I just nodded shyly he sat down and had me on his lap and tried feeding me

"I can do it myself." I say

"Come on let me do it for you bubs" he says I roll my eyes

"Fine." I say and kay back on his chest and let him feed me

After breakfast

"I think someone needs a bath" he says kissing my cheek the class chuckles I groan, he picks me up

"No put me down deku!" I yell trying to get out of his hold which is impossible

"Stop or your not gonna get to play with your bath toys" he says I blush and stop not wanting him to embarrass me more, he takes me to his dorm into the bathroom I watched him fill the tub then he turned to me and played me on the bathroom floor and started stripping me. This made me cry but he just cooed and said how much he loves me and wants me to be clean. He lifts me in the tub and gives me bath toys

"Once Mr.aizawa said you were a puppy I got you a bunch of new stuff just for my baby boy" deku said while washing my hair I just huff

"Now after your bath Mr.aizawa is gonna stop by the dorms to share who your daddy's/mommy's will be how exciting!!!" He says happily

"I don't want a daddy or mommy" I whine he starts washing my body making me blush

"But you need one your too little to be on your own" he says and rinses me off

After the bath he dried me off and picked me up while I was naked I blushed hard core, he lays me on his bed and got out a diaper

"No no no no no no" I scream squirming around

"Yes yes yes my silly boy you can't be naked" he said with a chuckle and started putting it on I whine he just blows raspberries on my tummy making me laugh

"Aw there's my happy little boy!" He says and changed me into a bunny footsie for babys

"Ok let's go down now!" He says

"No I look like a baby!" I say, he picks me up

"Cause you are one now let's go and no more tantrums" he says and we go downstairs

"Sorry we are late this silly little one didn't wanna wear is diaper" he pretty much told everyone I blush and hit his chest and then hide my face in it

"That's fine midoryia, now that everyone is here bakugous caretakers are midoryia,todoroki,kirishima,kaminari. Of course everyone will be expected to help at times" aizawa said deku looked like he just won thr lottery he hugged me tighter

Eh I'll let him have this...

Todoroki and kirishima and kaminari all come over and coo at me

"So Mr.aizawa gave us all a dorm together" kirishima says I huff they all start talking about their plans I start slowly falling asleep, I feel them all kiss my forehead and then I drift to sleep

Yes I'll make a part 3

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