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Prompt 2

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From experience, the world has a certain bittersweet taste and a bird's eye view. You see everything, but everything is not what you want to see. Humanity has a way of flipping its personality from kindness to cruelty, leaving their mark on people in a positive or negative way.
Mark Twain had his heart set on opening our eyes to the chinks in our armor. Twain compares men to wild animals and concludes that, "... Man is the only one that harbors insults and injuries ... then takes revenge." This conclusion can go from bullying at school to political debates and wars. We kill for sport and possession, creating wars for land or dominance, killing Bambi to prove you can. And to my dismay it is not the only fault of man. We segregate ourselves based on race, religion; we even create stereotypes about people who do not think the same way we do. If you wear too much black you are Goth, if you wear jewelry and nice clothes everyday you apparently think your better than everyone. If your hobby is different from what people usually do or you think about things people don't normally think about, you become a freak. We are greedy, deceitful, and petty. We knock people down because we don't feel good enough and hate any one who thinks creatively because we always have to be right, even when we know we are wrong. We have convinced ourselves that if it is not our way, it is not natural, it's incorrect, a mistake. Humanity is a beautiful piece of tapestry that is falling apart at the seams all because one thread became misplaced.

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