We walked out of the theater. Aalen, my best friend, kept making fun of the drama in the movie we just watched.

His light blue eyes glistered as he laughed.

'You gotta love those dramas--they make you feel like every problem in your life is pathetic compared to theirs.'

'You can't take anything seriously, can you?' I raised my eyebrows.

'I'm sorry Kate, but seriously, they have pretty wild imaginations.'

I had to laugh at that. He was right, some of the things really were over the top.

He shook his head. His curly, brown hair fell over his face. He looked a little Italian and was pretty good looking, all the girls in his school kept giving me death glares every time they saw us together - which was everyday. I could see his lean muscles throgh his black shirt. 

'Shit, I forgot my jacket inside, wait here.' he said. He went inside and left me standing alone in the cold. Suddenly I felt really cold and I pulled my jacket tighter.

As I waited, three guys walked toward me. I could see that they weren't just friendly people, who wanted to walk by, so I started walking to Aalens car. 

The guys followed me, chuckling slightly. They definitaly didn't have anything good in mind. 

I could see the car in front of me.

Just a few more steps Kate, you can do it.

When I finally reached the car, I noticed that I didn't have the keys. I started to panic.

Don't freak out, maybe they were just headed in the same direction as you.

I knew it was stupid to think that it was just coincidence, but I still could hope.

'Hey babe, what are you doing all alone at night?' the first one said. He had a dark hood over his face, so I couldn't see it, but I didn't need to see his face to know that he had a huge grin on it.

I turned around and started to walk back to the theater.

 I needed to go somewhere between people. It had been a mistake to walk to the empty parking lot. But there was no time to dwell on it.

One of the guys grabbed my upper arm.

'Where do you think you're going?'

I tried to pull away but he was too strong. The more I struggled the firmer his grip got.

He grabbed both my arms and swung my toward the car. My back hit the door and it knocked the breath out of me for a few seconds. He leaned on me, so I didn't have any space to move. I tried to kick him between his legs but he pushed his knees onto my thighs.

'Don't worry, where I'll take you, we'll have lots of fun. I'm sure your boyfriend won't mind me borrowing you for a night, or two.'

Just then, someone pushed him off me. 

The guy stumbled, but didn't fall.

Aalen was standing in front of him, looking very angry. I had never seen him like that before. His eyes sparkled dangerously and his hair fell into his face. He looked even bigger than usual and the moon made him look mysterious in a way.

He grabbed the guy by his jacket and threw him to the ground, but he got up very fast. For just a second, I thought I saw fear in his eyes, but I could have just imagined it, since he grinned like a maniac shortly after.

He looked very dangerous and I thought I saw something shiny in his pocket.

He landed a hard blow into Aalens stomach. His breath was knocked out and he nearly chocked, but it didn't stop him. Aalen only got wilder.

I watched in complete shock and I couldn't move an inch. 

With all his power Aalen threw his fist into the guys face.

Right then a policeman arrived, catching just the last scene. 

Blood splattered all over the place.


I was sitting in the police office with Aalen next to me. We were waiting for our parents to arrive. Well, more like Aalens parents, I knew mine wouldn't come.

Aalens father stormed into the office.His face flushed with anger.

'I can't believe it! How could you beat up a collage student? An honor student!'

'We've already told the cops our story, I'm sure they told you.' Aalen simply said.

'Well they don't buy it and neither do I'

'What do you mean?! You think I'd just beat up a stranger for fun?' Aalen shouted furiously.

'To be honest, I don't know. All I've got is an officer telling me that you were beating up some kid and he didn't land a single blow on you. I've got a doctor telling me that you punched the boys braces into his cheeks and he'll probably need surgery, because the wound got infected. So you  tell me what I should believe.'

We stared at him in disbelieve.

He thought we would just send some kid to the hospital for fun. A collage student, we were in high school!

'I'm sorry Aalen but you leave me no choice but to send you to a school for delinquents.'

'What?!' Aalen and I said at the same time.

'You heard me right. Your school is probably going to suspend you when they hear what you did.'

Aalen and I looked at each other. Terrified. 

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