Handsome Devil...

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I sat in third period thinking of everything and everyone, mostly everything that had happened so far.

I had the whole school against me because of standing up for what was right.

The girl Cameron that said she was my 'friend' but she actually wanted to have Jakey's heart.

And jake who kissed me and thinks I'm going to fall for him after kissing me.

My cousin left for Africa because her dad wanted her to regain her African Pride .... at least that's what I heard him say.

12th Grade Thus Far

I go to school with the worst kid- no adolescents ever

I have a nutshell on my case...Cameron and her sister.

Still weird saying that.

Govenci still makes my life miserable.

12 grade sucks.

My life is Miserable

My cousin is gone

My life is miserable

Yup I know. I am in deep dog food.

The bell rang signaling the end of third period.

I made my way down the hallway. I tried to keep a smile but it was hard when you have nothing to smile.

My mom asked if I wanted to come to school but it was necessary for me. My grandpa died the night before. Yes it struck me but what shocked me more was that not once had I shed tears... Not once.
And why is that? Don't ask, because I can't even answer that question myself.

I was in deep thought and bumped into someone I was ready to apologize. " I am sooo sorr-" but I was cut by someone rude.

" Yeah yeah fat ass just move out of my way. " He said but loud. I looked up at him... Govenci.

" Excuse me?" I said in disbelief. " You heard me you whore. How much did the nerd pay you to lay him. "

"What are you talking about?"

I tried to recall what he was talking about. I looked at him, why did he have to be so uurgh handsome?

" You know exactly what I'm talking about. But of course, you black bitches know only to spread your legs to every man walking! " I looked at him in disbelief did he just say that.

In a flash my hands connected with his face. Then a second time. I had tears in my eyes and mentally prayed they wouldn't fall out.

He was mad because Luke had taken care me ever since Laila had left. I went to his house with Lucy and we played fun games and had a wonderful time. Cliché, I know.

" Mistake number one, I prefer the term African. Number two I don't see how me interacting with others makes me a women of prostitution. You have a lot of guts to talk to me like that you jerk!" I screamed.

Tears began to fall on my face. Instantly I felt arms around my waist trying to pull into me into a hug.

I gazed up at Luke who looked at me with empathy. He dragged me to the nurse's office.

" Y'all can sit in here for lunch. When you feel better you can go back to class."

" Thank you Ms. Ferney. " he said.

Luke took a towel and wet with warm water. He went to get some lunch for the both of us. I lay there on the bed and napped a little.....

Luke's pov

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