Where Is She?

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It had been a week since my sister disappeared from her engagement party. At this point, I had no idea what else I could do. The lads and I had done all we could. Pictures, information, last seen. We just...don't know what to do anymore. We've had to go back to work. The music is sounding awesome, but we just don't get the happiness from it like we did. Without Juliet.... it's like everyone has lost themselves.

Especially the kids.. Poor Sarah has to deal with us who don't quite know sign language. The twins are crying a lot more because they know their mom isn't here.

Anyways. The boys were out doing something. I wasn't quite sure what. All I knew was that they were coming home. But it must have been quicker than I thought, because they were walking in the door.

"Niall! Are you here?" I heard a voice call.

"Yeah. I'm coming." I called out. My energy has been at an all time low. I walked downstairs in my tee and sweatpants. As I got into the living room, they looked....frazzled. Lost. Confused. "Uh, guys..You all...okay?"

They all looked at each other, and Liam sighed, then spoke.

"We got a call.... From Juliet."

I could feel the color leave my face. I braced myself and sat in a mear chair. "Wh...what did she say?"

"She doesn't know where she is...But she knows she's in London. She doesn't know who's taken her. They want a ransom. And they'll take the kids if need be."

As soon as I heard 'kids', I ran to the room the twins were in. I found them both asleep next to Sarah. Though I wanted them to stay asleep, I woke up Sarah and had her bring one twin downstairs while I brought the other. She knew why, I had a feeling. She fell back asleep on a pile of pillows in the corner of the living room.

"So what are we going to do?" Zayn asked.

"We can't really do anything until we know where she is." Lou said.

"They said they'd be calling back soon. So--" Liam was cut off by a phone ringing. It was mine, an unknown number. I answered.

"Hello?" I said.

"Niall?" a female voice said.

"Jewels? Is that you?"

"Yeah. Niall, I don't have long. They want money. At least five hundred thousand. They will take the kids."

"Who's 'they' "?

"I don't know. Please, Niall.... the kids don't need to lose a parent. Leave everything in the park. Next to bench at the north entrance. The one we always use. I don't know what they'll do if they don't get it."


"Tomorrow. Noon. Sharp. Niall, I--" a male voice cut her off.

"Leave it alone, or she gets hurt."

And the call ended. I couldn't even comprehend what had just happened. I put the phone away.

"We're going to the police. Now."

We all gathered in a car and headed to the station. After a long sit and conversations with many people, they finally gathered a team to be in the park tomorrow. I wanted to be there to see if I could recognize anyone...but they said no, and stay home with the babies.

All I wanted was my sister back. Was that too much to ask?

Harry, Next Day

Today was the day. 

We'd find out if we could find Juliet today.It's been 9 days since she ran.

We all had our phones on the table in the living room. All lined up next to each other at 11:55 AM. We sat in silence waiting for one to ring from the police. Time went by slowly. But we didn't care. We would wait as long as we had to.

Which was only about a half hour. 12:25, Liams' cell rang with an officer. They had two people in custody, and address to go to.

Imogen came over to stay with the kids while the lads and I went to the address. When we got there, there were police everywhere, an ambulance and a fire truck. The people that we had talked to recognized us and let us pass the line. Paparazzi were everywhere, trying to get their stories. Two officers came out with another two people in handcuffs, but no one could get a good look.

But the scariest thing that came out...

Was Juliet on a stretcher.

Only nine days had passed. Her dress was ripped to shreds. There were bruises and cuts all over her. Bruises small and big, some lighter colored, some worse as much as black. Cuts that were already healing, and some that were brand new...and extremely deep. Her eyes were sunken into her head, and her skin was white as snow. The medics were yelling out what they needed. But the one that scared me the most, was the word 'paddles'. And the medical world...that was never good.

Niall climbed in the ambulance and went with Juliet to the hospital. An officer came to me and gave me her phone and wallet. Everything was still in her wallet, but her phone had been long dead.

Louis, Liam, Zayn and I stood and watched as the ambulance drove away. Taking away the one thing that makes us, us.

The Hospital, Harry

Every one of us sat in a waiting room, trying to not burst into tears or into a rage. It had been three hours; can't anyone tell us what happened in that house for nine days?

Our impatience must've been noticed because soon enough, a doctor came in. We all looked at him, waiting for the news that we were so eager for.

"Well, she will live."

We all sighed and leaned back in our chairs.

"She has suffered many beatings. The cuts are being treated so they won't get infected. Who ever had her had a grudge. Also... we noticed that when she came in, she was missing some...under garments."

We looked at each other and hoped to God he wouldn't say what we were thinking.

"We did a rape kit, and it has come back positive. Bruising, swelling, tearing. Multiple times while she was there. I recommend, when you see her, do not get too close unless you are asked. She practically attacked all of our male doctors who came near her. Any female family members or good friends would be great to have around for the next while." He nodded and left.

This was my fault. She had to re-live the worst memory she's ever had.

All because I was mad.

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