Ambers Point of View
I kept talking to Cole to make sure he doesn't panic. He told me about what was happening and I was ridding my bike quickly to the address he sent me. I could feel the Machete I had with me in my bag.
"I swear to god if this thing cuts me I'm cutting someone apart!"
Katy Point of View
"Hey Katy where are we going" My cat asked me.
"To go save Lindsey that's where! Now can you get my Motorcycle ready as I finish loading this thing?" I asked her holding up my new Shot gun. Totally just got it yesterday so it had that new gun smell!
She nodded her head and ran off . I grabbed extra bullets and My katana and went to the garage. Amber sent me the address and I started riffing off towards Lindsey.
Meru Point of View
I grabbed Hyrule shielding put it on my back and grabbed the master sword from my wall. I'm just saying this now I'm a descendent of Link. The legendary hero so I got his things when he.. Passed away. Katy had told me What happened to Lindsey so I was going into desperate mode. Those two are the only friends I've got and I can't lose them. I grabbed my Daku mask and put it on my bag. Princess Zelda gave me an outfit that was easy to move around in and let's just say that was gonna help a lot. I started walking off down the street. I guess Lindsey use to live by me and I never knew. I never did had a good Childhood.

Omfg Guys I'm gonna go flip the fuck out! *leaves*
SilverClaw: Welp I'm pretty sure she's dead. You guys got her first book up to 3.1K reads and Well she never thought she would get that far in her life.
DappleSpots: Um... Mom She's lying with x's in her eyes... How do I deal with that?
SilverClaw: You don't. Now watch me. *waves tail* There we go she'll be fine in a while
Byeeeeee kittens and thank you!!^3^ *3*

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