The Wolf and I

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This is just a story i was thinking about starting please comment and tell me if i should write this story or not

Prologue of the Wolf and I.

Karmeit sat by her window looking out hearing the screams from the barn. She knew that it was the beast the one everyone had talked about he was there killing closer and closer to her home. It was countly bodies found he decapted the last and ate the poor fellows guts. She couldn't handle it she grabbed a knife and crawled under the table hearing the noises from outside. Her friend was the first murdered, Poor Jeanne was her friend her very best. It didn't seem fair everyone was dying around her. Karmeit sat petrified she peeked over the table to see blood covering her window she ducked back under the table. Hidding underneath the table cloth. She didn't know what to do she just tried to breathe quietly she couldn't stand it. Just sitting there waiting her heart was pounding in her ear. She heard someone open the door. She was shaking. She didn't know what she was going to do if he had caught her. She looked up and saw his feet or deformed feet, They were more like claws. She stopped her breathing and didn't move.