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i was picking my books out of my locker before the school bell rang for the last day of the week.

just as i was about to close my locker, someone yanked the back of my pony tail, which hurt. i immediately knew who it was...

ethan dolan.

he leaned against the lockers and crossed his arms.

"your mom had a great show last night." he smirked at me.

he knew exactly how to embarrass me.

"six inch heels and a very skimpy outfit. hmm"

yes, she was an exotic dancer.

"why don't you dress like that, aviva?" he looked at me while i looked down at the ground. "it would make you much more attractive." he shrugged.

"ethan, don't you have anything better to do." i shook my head.

"actually yes. maybe i'll ask her for a private dance." he laughed and turned around to join his group of friends.

he always does this to me. he knows i hate what my mom does for work and that i'm super embarrassed about it, but that's how she supports me and my older brother, zay.

our father left us when i was 13 and it's been difficult for all of us ever since.

ethan has taunted me for years. i guess you could call him one of the jock bullies at our school. he knows he's popular and he knows he has a good life. he wants people to know that he's better than everyone else.

i don't know why exactly he has it out for me. i've done nothing to wrong him, but he's found ways to make my life harder. it's his little hobby.

i closed my locker all of the way and let out a sigh.

"hey!" my best friend cecelia came up to me.

"hi." i was quiet.

"what's wrong?" she looked worried as we walked towards our class we had together.

"just the usual i guess."

"ethan?" she asked and i nodded. "you can't let him get to you like that."

"he knows my vulnerable spots, cece." i defended myself.

"i'll get zay." she stopped me.

zay was my older brother. he's always been super protective of me, especially around ethan. he knows that ethan tends to bully me more than the others at the school.

zay has tried to stand up for me many times, but ethan's dad is a police officer so when zay tries to get physical, ethan will call his dad up.

"what's he going to do?" i scoffed and continued to my class. as i was doing so the bell rang.

i went and sat down at my assigned seat at the back of the class.

"hey avi!!" one of my guy best friends came and sat down next to me.

"hey westin." i smiled at him.

"how are you doing?" he was always so positive.

"i'm doing okay, i suppose." i shrugged.

"do you want to sneak off for lunch with me today? i got a gift card for some coffee." he smiled.

just as i was about to answer him, ethan spoke up in front of the entire class.

"westin, stop trying to flirt with her. she's not going to open her legs up to you." he laughed. a lot of people giggled and some had their jaw dropped.

i have always had a feeling that westin was always sort of flirty around me, but i didn't think much of it since we've been friends for so long.

"ethan-" i stood up out of my chair, but he stopped me.

"try to be like your mom, aviva. open your legs up to everyone man that comes in a mile radius of you." he smirked. everyone in the class gasped and laughed.

i sat back down in my chair, defeated. that just made ethan laugh more.

"everyone take a seat." the teacher came into the room. of course he didn't hear a single word.

i could feel westin looking at me, worried. i didn't have any motivation to look away from my lap. i was just so mortified and embarrassed.

because of ethan, everyone knew what my mom did. everyone knows i'm embarrassed by it.

ethan just doesn't make being in high school easier.

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