02| violent ends

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Dream gripped y/n's arm tightly, and pulled her deadweight of a sleeping body off the ground away from the boy, jointing both of the teenagers awake.

Y/n's eyes widened at the sight of the dark sky, then to her visually frustrated brother and a strange man towering above her. Her heart dropped down to her stomach.
She was awaken from a lovely dream, to be revealed with a nightmare.

Dream loosened the grip of her arm, "What the hell are you doing?" He darted a angry look her way. She stood silent, looking at him in disbelief.
This was not happening right now.
She looked over at Tommy who stayed down on the ground, equally as terrified and confused as her. Both Tommy and the strange man stood to the side and watched as her brother shouted at her.

A single tear shed down her face in pure distress. She was so confused, and upset. The girl had known she did something wrong, she had known what she did; only what she didn't know was how far she crossed the line.
She hadn't known because she was unaware of a key detail— Tommy is apart of L'manberg, the place that had been drilled in her head to hate. Only she hadn't known anything about the place other than just that, how was she meant to know that's what the blue coats stood for?

Dream's eyes shifted from y/n to Tommy.
The blond boy swallowed hard and began to stand up from his position on the ground. Dream eyes moved once more to look at the tall, curly brown-haired man.
"Get behind me, y/n" He said to the fearful girl without breaking eye-contact with the other man.


"Get behind me! Now!" He shouted at her. She did what he said after that without any hesitation, she was terrified of her brother when he was upset; also worried that he would hurt either of the males that stood across; Dream isn't a rational man when in distress.

Dream's yelling made Tommy flinch though it wasn't meant for him, only it was a bonus in Dreams eyes.

With that, the other man shot Tommy a look telling him to stand behind him as well. Tommy nodded and walked behind him while still peering over the mans arm to see the action in front of him, also worried what this meant for the girl he had grown to like.

Dream was more upset with y/n but had to take it out on his enemy first.
"Wilbur, what the fuck was your brother doing cozied up next to my sister?" He scoffed at Wilbur, stating in more of disbelief and anger rather than posing a question.
Tommy's eyes grew even more at that fact he said sister; blurring the line of confusion of the situation slightly more for him.

Dream's grip on his sword tightened and his fingers dug into the handle. He lifted an eyebrow and glared at the man standing in front of him. The girl behind him shutters slightly, she may have only met the other boy yesterday, and hadn't even known the other man, though she would never wish any harm him; especially not on her behalf.

"You say that like I'd allow someone with the same blood as yours coursing through their veins, around someone with mine." He spat back as he tapped his fingers on the wooden handle of his shining weapon.

Dream shook his head that followed with a sinister, frustrated laugh. His eyes turned back to Tommy, as a sick smirk formed under his mask.
"If you step her way one more time, I'll take more than just your life."

Dream turned sharply and exited out of the field, before being able to catch the reaction of an angry Wilbur. Y/n knew to follow closely behind to spare herself from more trouble.
She looked back for a split second to catch a glimpse of her friend one last time, who's face was red, his blue eyes gleaming; not being triggered by the moonlight, though by water in them. Tears streamed down her face, she turned her head, looked down at the ground and followed her brother back home. She had barley known this boy, why was she like this?

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