Amsal's pov !

I was looking through the window and smiling ! Shehry nugde me ! I turned and mouth what? He smile and shook my head ! I was laughing sain look at me and then turned to look back at the road ! Sain parked the car in his house ! I opened the door and stepped out ! Asim helped me ! And maha was holding my arm ! Sain rang the bell ! And khala open the door ! Everyone smile and went in i sat on the couch ! And then heard a loud "surrrpprrrissssseeeeee" i look back at the couch ! Its mona ,atif and ruksana ! Mona and Ruksana hugged me tight ! Khala came with many things to eat! I ate the velvet cake! That khala specially made for me ! Then the main door open and saw khalu ! Khalu came close to me and hugged me i hugged him tight ! We were having our Good moment !

Then khala speak up " main soch rahi thi k kahen ghumne chalte hain ! Kal mjhe asim bata raha tha k yahan ye ek week k liye hai ! " everyone cheer up ! Khalu said "theres a carnival ! Lets go there ? Then dinner and home! " ! Everyone noded ! Then ruksana whispered in my ear " amzy maa ki call arahi thi main ne kaha ap sou rahi ho ! Wo skype krna chah rahin hain ! " i noded and said to shehry "hey do you have laptop ? I need to skype mom ! " he noded and some min later he gave me his laptop ! " ohhooo chori na ho is liye apna nam likha huwa hai SHEHRY ! " i laugh ! He stuck his tongue and went in kitchen ! Khala was sitting with me! I logged in ! And call home! Maa recieve and start the video call " betaa kahan thi ? Abhi koi itna waqt nahi huwa k hum dono ko bhul gayi ! Beta apni halat dekho ! Kitni weak ho rahi ho " she was yelling at me and i was sitting there with the poker face !

When she was done with yell i start speaking " maa kuch nahi huwa everything is okay ! And i have a surprise ! But wada krein k ap royin gi nahi ! " she noded i signal khala ko come and she came and sit with me! Maa eyes widened and become teary ! Khala was crying again i hugged and she calm down ! They were talking to each other! I was smiling ! Then i saw shehry looking at me from the kitchen ! I said shehry to come but he shook his head ! I angrily widened my eyes ! Khala was done talking with maa! So i start talking ! "Maa khush na ab ? " .

"Haan beta ! Bht ! Achaaa ab na mjhe sona hai kal baat hogi ! Allah hafiz ! ."

"Sai maa Allah hafiz ! " i said and end the call ! I logged off and thought to give back the laptop ! Ruksana was helping khala ! So i asked khala! "Where's shehry !" She said "in his room " i noded and went up ! I saw a room ! Very stylish written SHEHRY i was amazed ! So i knock the door no one answer! I opened the door and on the light! My jaw dropped open when i saw the room ! All the walls are being sketched with colors ! Beautifull painting were all over the walls! I walked up and looking at the paintings! I saw a girls painting! Wearing bridal suit ! I was looking the painting with so concentration ! When someone cleae his throat ! I turned aroud and see shehry standing ! " ohhh emmm ye lo laptop thank you " .

"You welcome ! " he said and sat on the bed ! I asked " mind if i ask you something ? " he looked up at me and said ! "No ask! Go ahead " i smile ear to ear ! "Emmmm ye sab painting tmne bnayin ? " he noded ! "So wo jo bridal dress main larki hai wo kon? Pleaseeee btao? " i pleaded ! He laugh and said "yar ye wo hai jo meri be-loved wife bnaye gi " .

"Aur hogi kon? " i asked !

Pleaseeee wo main hi hon !

"Emmm hai koi ! Waqt ane pe bataun ga! " he said ! I was getting angry i looked up striaght in his eyes "abhi kyun nahi ? " i kind a yell at him

"Kyun k abhi sai time nahi ! 2 se 3 saal bd araaaammm se bataun ga" he said calmly ! I pouted and went out of the room ! He called my name multiple time but i went out and sat on the sofa with maha ! And watch tv !

Shehry's pov

Pagaaal ! Kaise bata dun k wo dulhan tm hi ho amzy ! Dar hai k bata diya tou kahen mjhse dour na hojao ! Pehle hi bht mushkil se pass ho tm mere ! Ab bs jb sahi waqt aye ga tou main bata dunga ! Tb tk sbr krna pare ga tmhen Amzy !

I was thinking about Amzy ! Then i heard someone is in my room ! I looked up ! Its mona and Atif ! They were holding eachothers hand ! I was confused ! But then i asked up "can i help you both ? " then both noded and smile ! I was confuse then mona speak up ! "Atif loves me ! And i love him ! Actually he proposed me ! So you are the first person i wanted to tell you ! Cause you are 'our' best friend ! " i was too happy for them ! I stood up ! And we did a group hug ! Then i thought about Amzy ! Should i tell them ? How are they gonna react ? Whats gonna up to ?

I was thinking ! Then Atif snapped his fingers in front of my eyes and mona said "shehry Amzy neche bethi hai ! Phr bhi kyun us k khuwabon main ghum ho ? " . my jaw dropped open ! I was shocked i didn't utter a single word ! Then again mona speak up " see shehry i know what you thinking ! I know you both very well okay ! So please don't play with me ! I know you had feelings for her ! And i know you are gonna love him alot ! " . she smiled and they went out of the room ! Mama called us for the dinner !

Baba was sitting on the his main chair ! Then mama sat at the left and then maha sat at the front of mama ! I sat next to mama! And sain sat next to me ,then atif! Ruksana was in front of sain ! And mona is sitting at the front of atif ! Mona and atif is looking at each other ! Mama made biryani ! Just becoze of amzy ! We were eating then mona asked for the Raita ! I was about to give the bowl ! Then my hand touched Amzy's hand i electric shock run through my spine ! I looked up ! Our eyes met ! We were staring at each other in eyes ! Then mama shook me and said "beta do na mona ko raita dono jam gaye ho ? " everyone laughed except sain ! I looked up ! He was looking at his plate ! I passed thr raita to mona ! She was smirking ! We were done with eating ! Everyone cleaned the table ! And Mona insist mama to wash the dishes !

Then Amzy speak up " khala ab mjhe chalna chahiye subha jana bhi hai ! " mama said "noo beta ! Yahin ruk jao ! ".

"Samne hi tou hun ! Bs kal ki liye ek khass tayyari bhi krni hai ! " she smirked ! Mama asked "kia beta ? " she shook her head and said "khala bs surprise hai ! " mama smile and noded ! Ruksana and she went to their house !

I went to my room ! And i was thinking about Amzy ! She is always on my mind !

Ab bs kal tmhare sath jitna waqt guzar paun us se bhi ziada guzarun ga ! Kyun k lag raha hai k wo bhi mjhe pyaar krti hai ! Magr bol nai sakta jb tk confirm na ho ! Bs ab us din ka intezar hai jb Amzy mere sath ! Mere nam k sath ho

Hussain's pov

I was damn angry on what i heard when Amzy is in shehry's room ! The what happened on the dinning table ! I just can't tolerate it ! I have to do the plan ! I have to tore their feelings for each other ! I don't care ! I just need her ! She have to be mine !

Amzy bs ab tm meri ho ! Aur kisi ki nahi chahe kisi bhi had tk jana pare jaun ga tmhare pyaar main !

Amsal's pov !

I was lying on my bed ! I took my and Zayan's photo and opened my drawer ! I put the frame in my drawer and closed it !

Mjhe pyaar hai ! Magr bol nahi sakti ! Jb tk tm khud nai keh dete ! Kyun iqrar nahi krte tm ? Kahen kisi aur se pyaar tou nai krte ? Tbhi iqraar na kiya ! Agr tm us se pyaar krte ho tou milwa k rakhun gi tmhare pyaar se tmhen shehry !

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