Gabby: Wow I love this hotel room.
Justin: I am glad you liked it.
Gabby: I am so excited!
Justin: I am tired.
Gabby: Really, I am not.
Justin: You were knocked out the whole plane ride.
Gabby: Why didn't you?
Justin: The seats were uncomfortable.
Gabby: You should have brought your neck pillow.
Justin: I don't have one.
Gabby: That stinks.
Justin: I know.
Gabby: Well I am going to the pool.
Justin: I am going to be here sleeping.
Gabby: Ok have a nice nap.
Justin: I will now leave you make too much noise.
Gabby: Rude. Bye

The hotel we had rented was so big that I got lost. I was knocking on doors asking for help.

*Knock Knock*

Gabby: Hi can you help me?
Gabby: Sorry.

Then I went to another door.

*Knock Knock*

Gabby: Hi I am Gabby and I -
Old Man: Oh hi Gabby, you must be the prostitute. How much do you pay for each hour.
Gabby: I am not that kind of person.
Old Man: Then get out of here I am waiting for someone!

Wow hotels are really weird. I tried again.

*Knock Knock*

Gabby: Hi I am Gabby and I need help.
Naked Guy: Hey Gabby. I don't know you but want to be in my club?
Gabby: What kind of club?
Naked Guy: A club of naked people.
Gabby: Umm no thanks
Naked Guy: Fine if you change your mind we are here. BTW you butt looks delicious.
Gabby: Excuse me(I slapped him)

I was going to try one more time.

*Knock Knock*

Man: Hi
Gabby: Hi
Man: Can I help you?
Gabby: Please
Man: With what?
Gabby: I want to go to the pool and I don't know how to exit the building.
Man: Let me put my shirt on and I will take you there.
Gabby: Thank you.
Man: Want to come in?
Gabby: I don't think so sorry.
Man: Ok.

It was like 15 minutes later and he didn't come out. I knocked on the door but no one answered. I heard someone screaming.

Girl: Help Help!!
Gabby: What happened?
Girl: Untie me.

When I untied her she had rope burns everywhere and she had a huge hickey.

Girl: Call 911
Gabby: For what?
Girl: The man abuses me.

Calling 911

Operator: What seems to be the problem?
Gabby: There is this guy who abused of this 14-year old girl. I found her tied up. With rope burns.
Operator: Where is your location?
Gabby: We are in the River Spring Hotel in Miami.
Operator: We are on our way.

Man: Jennifer, are you ready for part 2.
Girl: Please no.
Man: It will be fun. This time it includes a belt and my mouth.
Girl: Leave me alone I am only 14 years old.
Man: So I am 45 years old.
Gabby: Leave her alone.
Man: Gabby you decided to join me.
Gabby: No I didn't. You are going to jail for abusing this girl.
Man: Ok I believe you.
Girl: Why are you like this daddy.
Gabby: This guy is your father?
Girl: Yea my mom died when I was 5.
Man: Yeah that is what happen.

2 minutes later the police come and they knock down the door. And there was the FBI outside.

Man: You actually called the police?
Girl: Yeah and you are going to jail for being mean to me.
Gabby: You are the worst father and if she is pregnant. I will kill you.
Police: There will be no killing.
Gabby: Sorry officer.

The man ran and she jumped out of the window landing in a rose bush. The FBI grabbed him and he was trying to escape but he was face down on the concrete. They put him in a helicopter and left. The girl was talking to the officer. He called me over.

Police: Hi do you know this girl.
Gabby: No.
Police: How did you find out?
Gabby: I was trying to go to the pool and I was asking for help. He was taking long and so I come in and I see that she was on a chair tied up. I untied her.
Police: We are proud of you we want to give you 5,000. We were trying to catch him for years now.
Gabby: What about the little girl.
Police: She doesn't have any members in her family so she has to go to an orphanage.
Gabby: What is her name?
Girl: My name is Jennifer Santos.
Gabby: Really? Can we do a DNA test and if she is related to me.
Police: I guess that can work. You have to be at least 18 years old.
Gabby: I am only 17 but I have a dad back home.
Police: That can work.
Gabby: Can you lead me to the pool?
Police: Sure.

I finally got to to the pool then I forgot my towel. I see Justin coming towards me and he handed me the towel. You forgot this.

Justin: You are excited I understand.
Gabby: Do you have the tickets?
Justin: Yes
Gabby: AHHHH.

We entered it was so big Justin got us front seats and I was excited.
Hey guys so I am so close to 1,000 ok so there will be a 3rd part. I wanted to ask you guys should Gabby adopt Jennifer. Go read my other book No Need.

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