Chapter 32: The Ultimate Battle!

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*the sun was starting to set and everyone was going home. The stadium suffered major damage from the battles from earlier so Drums match was delayed until the next day. Athena sat on the beach alone as she watched the sunset*

Athena: Why Lane.. Delta didn't deserve that.. Nobody deserves to have their bey destroyed like that..

*Athena buried her head in her hands and cried. Meanwhile Elaina Valhalla: Athena and Lanes mother, arrived at Lanes abandoned factory. Lane was all alone as he looked up at Elaina*

Elaina: Lane? Honey, how are you?

*Lane said nothing. Instead of his usual arrogant look, he seemed a little depressed.*

Elaina: Lane? Are you ok?

Lane: Why.. Why did you come here?

Elaina: I wanted to see you and Athena battle in person and I missed you guys. Is there something wrong?

Lane: It's nothing..

Elaina: Did I do something? If so, please let me make up for it.

*Lane remained silent, he didn't feel like talking not even to his own family*

Elaina: Lane.. Im sorry if i have failed you and I want to make it up to you. But I can't do that if you don't tell me.

Lane: I told you its nothing!.. I don't want to talk to you!

Elaina: Doesn't look like "nothing", i know more than anyone that you regret EVERYTHING you've said and done over the past month.. You can't help but just WANT to apologize to her, but because of that bey you can't. Was it worth it?

Lane: Leave..

*Elaina sighed and left, not wanting to provoke him further. She went to her place to go to bed, she would visit Athena in the morning as a surprise*


*the next day came and Drum was getting so pumped his face was turning red*

Drum: Im seriously getting pumped up!!!

*Drum and Valt were called up to their match, Drum got even more pumped*

*Elaina found Athena In the bottom row and got a seat next to her*

Athena: Mom.. You made it!

*Elaina just smiled and took her daughters hand as the battle was about to begin*

Referee: First Battle! Ready Set!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Dragon and Valkyrie land in the stadium, Dragon immediately heads to the Upper Deck*

Drum: Go Dragon!! 

*Dragon sped off the upper deck and zoomed toward Valkyrie*

Drum: Bound Wing!!

Valt: Oh no you don't! Brave Sword!!!

*both beys were sent flying out, Valkyrie however landed out first*

Referee: Tempest Dragon with a Over Finish, Drum Koryu gets 1 point!

*Drum started jumping up and down in excitement that he scored against Valt*

Valt: Not bad. Not bad at all!

Drum: Next it'll be a burst!

Referee: Second Battle! Ready Set!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The battle began and Dragon was spinning super fast as rainbow colored sparkles emitted from it*

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