Dream+George X Reader

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(I got this idea from a tiktok)
{Praise, bondage, degrading}
[Your pov]

I let out a long sigh, hopping into my small, shiny black car. I rubbed my eyes in circular motions, before stopping to let my head rest on the steering wheel. Work had been especially hard that day, and i just wanted to go home and finally relax.

I turned the key and started the car, before hearing my phone ring. It was from Clay, my boyfriend.


"Hey Y/N. I have a surprise for when you get home. It has something to do with what we talked about."

Before you could respond, he hung up. Your eyebrows tilted in confusion as you began to think about what he could of possibly meant. It could be the sushi you wanted to try, or maybe he bought that movie you wanted to see. Or maybe... No. It cant be. The only other thing you had discussed was the possibility of seeing George in real life. Clay was close friends with George, streaming with him often over discord. You wanted to meet George too, after getting to know him and after the three of you would talk about each other a lot. Lots of flirtatious and suggestive talks...

I shook my head, realizing i had been zoned out in deep thought. I turned on music as I began to drive home. "Im into it... I'm into it..." I sang quietly along with the song.

Soon enough I arrived at my house. I noticed not a lot of lights were on inside. I shrugged and gathered my work items and entered.

"Mmm.." I muttered as I inhaled a beautiful smell. Glancing around I located the sources of the smell. There was candles scattered around the house. I looked to my feet, seeing a trail of rose petals leading up the stairs. I let out a excited gasp and headed upstairs impatiently.

The rose petal trail led right to my bedroom. Even through my exhaustion I was still very excited. I opened the door, seeing nobody except your bed covered in rose petals. I smiled lightly and let out a sigh, then let out a gasp and jumped as I felt hands on my back.

"Oh, Y/N... You're here. You look so tired..." This voice was familiar, but not Clay's. The hands started to massage my shoulders, and I felt a different pair of hands start to take my work items from my hands and set them away. I finally turned my head to look at the familiar voice.

"G-George? How... Did you... When...", I couldnt quite get it out.

"I wanted to surprise you, baby", I turned to see Clay smiling lovingly, then I noticed he was shirtless... And so was George.

"Guys I... Mmh...", I mumbled as I felt George on my right side, rubbing and massaging me and Clay on my left kissing my neck and ruffling my hair.

I didnt realize how bad I wanted this until it was actually happening.

My breathing became heavy as Clay lifted my shirt off, revealing my gray lacy bra. Then my work pants, to see my gray lacy underwear. What a good day to wear a matching set, i thought.

"You've been working so hard, baby..."

"Let us make you feel good..."

"You've earned it..."

My eyes closed in relaxation as i bathed in their praise. I felt hands on my back guide me to the rose petal covered bed.
I was lied down on my back, my legs bent and spread slightly. I finally had a chance to process and admire the two doms.

They both were wearing red boxers. I glanced to my side to see George with a rosy blush across his face. I felt his hand grab me by my neck gently and pull me into a kiss. My shoulders relaxed and we made out slightly, and I barely noticed Clay taking off my underwear that were already damp. I was a little embarrassed at how wet I already was, but that embarrassment was quickly replaced by pleasure as I felt Clay gently rub my clit with his middle and ring fingers.

I let breathy moans, trying my best to still kiss George back. My hand went from his face down to his growing erection, soon we were both letting out breathy moans as I began to palm him gently.

"We're gonna make you feel so good baby..." I heard Clay say before George pulled away and got off the bed along with Clay. I tilted my head slightly in confusion before a blindfold was put over my eyes. "C-Clay??," i said in a slight panic from not knowing what was going on or what was gonna happen.

"Im right here baby, is this okay?"

My breathing calmed once again before replying, "Y-Yeah. Whats going on?"

"Everything is gonna be fine, color code okay? Green go, Yellow slow, Red stop."

My shoulders tensed as I felt my wrists lifted above my head and being tied to the headboard above me.

There was a few muffled voices and moments later I felt someone go beside me again, and someone in front of my legs.

I let out a whimper as I felt a long tongue explore my heat. "Your so wet...", I soon identified the person as George. Which meant Clay was beside me. "Turn around, ass up."

It felt so dirty to be dominated by both of them. "Your gonna let us use you, huh?" It was sad that you could recognize Clay by the tip of his dick. He coated his dick in your fluids and slowly teased by putting only the tip in. I whined and tried to push my hips back for more, but was held in place.

"You want it? Beg."

His words made you whimper, just as you felt your hair being gripped and pulled up making your mouth open.

"George?", you wondered out loud and felt him push his tip against your mouth slightly, which you quickly recognized the action and began to take him in your mouth.
George groaned before taking himself out of your mouth.

"Please, p-please just make me feel good clay... George... Just do whatever you want..."

"Thats it, pup." I let moan as I felt Clay push all of his seven inches into me and george shove his six inches back into my mouth. I moaned on his dick, sending vibrations making him whine.

Clay was slow at first, before quickening his pace and letting out a shuddered moan. I bobbed faster on George's dick and he gripped tighter on my hair, but it didnt bother me. I felt Clay lift my ass up to angle it so he was hitting my g-spot. I let out a loud moan, slightly muffled by having a dick in my mouth. My legs began to shake from pleasure.

"F-Fuck..." George said, releasing into my mouth. I took him out of my mouth quickly to let out a loud moan.

"C-Clay please d-dont stop... Ohhhh my god!", i let out scream-like moans as I shoved my face into my pillow.

"Im close.." Clay panted before slamming his hips into mine, as we both climaxed at the same time. He threw his head back, and thrusted a couple more times, shoving his seed deep inside me. (Your on birth control).

I felt hands flip me over on my back again, then two tongues getting to quick work against my clit. "O-Oh my.. Nngh.. my g-god!!" I screamed.

"Cum on our tongues baby", George muttered.

My legs shook violently as i was about to climax for the second time.

"F-Fuck...!" I said, arching my back and lifting myself above the bed by my restraints and moaning loudly.

I felt the tongues retract and someone untying my restraints and someone else taking off my blindfold, soon to realize to be Clay.

As soon as they were done, we all lied next to each other out of breath. We got cleaned up.

Eventually I fell asleep, both of them on each side of me cuddling closely.

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