Chapter 7- Jealousy and Revenge

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Sanaya's P.O.V:

It was two days after Lancelin had left with Acelin that Trevina called to get an update on him. To say that she was furious to find him gone would be an understatement.

"He went without me? How could he? Tell him to call me as soon as he gets back!" Were her exact words and her tone had made me want to dig up the floor and burrow my head in it. How did Lancelin tolerate her for six years?

I was kinda worried that she might just quit even before the contract has been made, but also, I felt weirdly relieved that she might not be working for us anymore. But honestly, the only reason I could feel relieved for her leaving would be because she was Lance's ex and that she was drop dead gorgeous and Lance just might get back together with her if given the chance...which all led back to me being jealous of her relationship with my Boss...which I had no reason to be, jealous I mean.

Other women weren't the cause of my concern because Lance hardly spent more than one night with them, but Trisha. Her he had history with; a six year long history. Honestly, I didn't know why I would even feel jealous when Lance has done nothing but treat me like shit since the moment I've set foot in his office. He's judged me on the basis of my appearance; hasn't trusted me with any confidential matters even when I am his Secretary; barked order after useless order when he knew I was capable of doing a lot more than collecting age old files and arranging them alphabetically and last but not the least, made sure that I couldn't leave HQ until the clock struck midnight. But despite all that, I felt this odd possessiveness towards him that I couldn't explain. A possessiveness that had made me eavesdrop on Lancelin and Trisha's conversation when I'd never made such a huge blunder in my life.

And it was because of that same possessiveness that I now wished with all my heart that Trevina McKinley would fall of a very stiff cliff and die!

I nearly dropped all the files in my hand as the thought crossed my mind. Damn it! What was Lancelin Eustis turning me into? I've never had such thoughts about anyone in my life...okay maybe that one time when Lola Hudson tried to get Keith drunk and sleep with him during a party in our second year of college. Fortunately for me, Keith had figured out the same thing I had and stayed as far away from Lola as humanly possible. Keith was committed to me; however, Lancelin has no ties to anyone whatsoever.

I arranged all the files I'd shortlisted as the most important and placed them in his desk. I've also made a list of all the important calls that I'd received while Lancelin was away and also made a separate list for the calls that needed to be returned ASAP. I did not however, like the fact that Trevina's name was on top of that urgent list. At exactly 7.45 AM, I'd rushed down to the canteen to get Lancelin his favorite cup of coffee, black with no milk or sugar, and placed it on his desk as the clock struck 7.57 AM and the private elevator door dinged open and Lancelin Eustis came through in all his glory.

What surprised me;howeverthat Lancelin was was actually dressed up. A charcoal black Armani suit with black on black designs paired with black dress pants and a wine red shirt to go with the attire, he looked like a Greek God who'd donned modern clothing. Not a single hair was out of place but I could see the tiredness in his eyes.

"Welcome back, Mr. Eustis. Did you get enough rest on your way back?" I asked out of concern.

Lancelin looked at me surprised, as if he hadn't expected to see me, but then he nodded his head. "I'm fine. Any calls that need immediate answering?" He asked as he came around his desk and sat on his chair.

I grit my teeth before answering him. "I have a list made, Mr. Eustis, its right in front of you." I pointed to the notepad I'd placed alongside his coffee.

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