~23~ a disney ending

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“Quasimodo!” She crows in my face. 

I want to claw the skin off her. Lucille is certainly enjoying herself. Her eyes glitter with sadistic pleasure. I feel strangely detached from my surroundings. Yes, I’m angry but it’s like I’m watching a movie. I’ve accepted the horror of my situation. When you’re physically trapped, there’s not much you can do. So I watch. I listen. I don’t think of myself as a victim. Why should I? Lucille’s just a jealous b!tch. And The Gold-digger is a slut. I hate her. Just like I hate Dad. 

I’m wallowing in my misery. But you know what? I don’t care anymore. My life is a piece of sh!t. 

Melancholia is an escape from my otherwise dreary existence. I could sink into its dark velvet depths and never resurface. 

“I watched that the other day! Didn’t his mom just abandon him?” Valerie buries her nose in her wooly scarf. Her voice comes out rather muffled.

“Exactly,” Lucille pounces on Valerie’s question. “Just like how her Gold-digger mom abandoned her.”

Monique rolls her eyes. “No, Val. She got killed by that horny priest dude. She was a gypsy.”

“Daddy hates gypsies — he says they should all be exterminated,” Valerie’s nose scrunches up.

“Wow — your dad’s extreme.”

That’s true. Mr De Beauvoir is an unapologetic neo-N@zi heart surgeon. The whole town knows. He’s a weirdo. 

“She’s not Quasimodo,” Constanze smiles at me. “Amelie’s like Rapunzel and Lucille’s the… witch.”

I have to smile inside. Constanze is the most sane of The Mean Girls. Some times I wonder why she’s even with Lucille’s crowd. She’s the goalkeeper and captain of our team. Almost everyone respects her. She may be a mean girl but she forgets about that when we’re playing a game. Constanze doesn’t allow past prejudices to mar her judgement when it comes to football.

“Quasimodo is not Rapunzel. Arma—He’s going to rescue me,” Lucille shrieks.

Oh god. How long do I have to listen to this drivel for? I just want to go home. Get in my bed. And cry.

Lucille takes out a compact mirror and gazes at her reflection. She allows her blue eyes to look me over again. Her lips curl upwards in a malicious smile. “Looking gorgeous…” she makes a “mwah" sound with her lips.

Yeah, we know. You’re a narcissistic girl. I close my eyes for a moment, imagining that I’m somewhere warm. My body feels like it’s trapped in a block of ice. My limbs feel weak.

Lucille starts to apply a generous coating of lipgloss onto her lips. Such a sweet candy pink shade. On a vile mouth.

Constanze frowns slightly. “Isn’t that mine, babe?” 

Lucille snaps the mirror shut. “No, babes. It’s mine. I lead, you follow. Anyway, this lip gloss shade doesn’t suit you.”

She gives her minion a fake smile. The two girls size each other up like two bull-fighters in a ring. The rest of the girls tuck their phones away. Silence hangs in the air. I shake my head. B!tch fight.

“She’s turning a bit like the queen in Snow White,” Valerie’s small voice breaks the uneasy silence.

“I’m confused…” Elena tucks a strand of honey-blonde hair behind her ear. “I thought we were talking about Tangled.”

Bunch of idiots. Surprisingly, they’re all straight “A” students in school. Probably because their daddies can afford private tutors. Lucille even managed to secure a place at Oxford to study Philosophy. Her grandfather did make a generous donation though, so that may have contributed…

“Shut up!” Lucille screams. “You all know who’s the most beautiful of them all?”

The Mean Girls look at her expectantly.

“It’s me! Armand’s chosen me!” Her cheeks redden.

Their mouths gape open a little. 

Monique steps forward to place a comforting hand on her evil mistress’s arm. “Lucille, I thought we were just doing this because of the team.”

Lucille shrugs of her hand and wields the shiny pair of scissors in the air. Valerie starts to whimper. The scissors head in my direction again. Lucille’s eyes gleam dangerously. A grim smile is plastered on her heart-shaped face.

She positions the sharp edge against my cheek. My heart thumps at an astounding rate. I close my eyes, preparing for the slick dribble of blood to run down my skin.

The sting of pain doesn’t hit me.


Lucille lets out a muffled scream as something hits her.

No blood shed today.

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