Chapter 6 :)

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Y/N Pov

After spending a lot of time in the water we all go to a small restaurant to change in and to grab a bite to eat. The boys let me hurry and change first in the bathroom. I don't change out of my binder but i do put on my baggy shorts and hoodie i brought to change into. I come out and the boys start to fight over who goes next, Tommy winning quickly. I decide to stand with Tubbo while he waits to change. He looks over and smiles at me, his cheeks lightly pink from the sun. 
"what do you have planned after this?" I ask rubbing my eyes a little.
He clears his throat softly and smiles, "we have the arcade planned for after."
I smile, "yes!!" i say shifting on my feet excitedly, Toby smiles at me, running a hand through his damp hair. 
Tommy comes out and looks at us, his cheeks pink from the sun, "Y/N lets go find a table while Toby changes" 
I look at Toby and smile at him softly, "hurry and change" I say before me and Tommy make our way to a booth in the back of the restaurant.
I sit across from Tommy, and prop my phone up on the napkin dispenser. Tommy watches me his expression confused. I look up at him and laugh a little, "i'm making a tiktok"
He groans and laughs, "oh god you're one of those tiktokers" he says rolling his eyes dramatically.
I scoff and let out a small breathy laugh, "oh shut up!" I say starting the timer for the tiktok. 
As I start to do the little dance while sitting in my seat Tubbo walks up and sits by tommy, tommy then grabbing my phone flipping it to where the video now shows him and tubbo. "Hey!" I shout a little loudly and Tommy and Tubbo laugh. By time the two give my phone back I see the tiktok was already posted under the caption, "Hah me and the tubs are better tiktokers than y/n!"
I roll my eyes and shove my phone in my bag, "You two are aggravating" I say laughing a little.
Tommy smiles, "You know the caption was right!" he says, Toby sitting beside him snickering.
I kick them both under the table both of them letting out a small shriek as the waitress comes over to take our orders.


Sorry guys!!! Ive been incredibly busy!! I just recently moved into a new place and I just started working so writing time is really limited!! But i promise i'll write as much as i can!!!

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