He Cheated - Zayn ✔️

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"Zayn, what's wrong?" You say as your frown deepens. You place your hands on his cheeks and lift his head so he can meet your gaze.

"I fucked up, Y/N," He says with water filled eyes. "I fucked up bad." He lowers his head once more.

"Okay, well, whatever it is, you can tell me, babe." You say dropping to your knees, desperate for him to look into your eyes. Your hands move from his shoulders and you run them through is hair, he was a sucker for that. "Zayn," You say softly as he slowly looks up at you. "It's okay, baby. Whatever it is, it's okay," You say as you bring your lips to his. His lips immediately react to yours.

I mean, how bad could it be. Honestly, he was probably just overreacting, like he usually does.

He is the first to break the kiss and he turns away from you as you do.

"No, babe. I can't. Listen to me," He says, taking your hands off of him and running a frustrated hand through his hair. He stands up, knocking you back a little as he starts pacing the room.

"You're really starting to freak me out." You stand up and sit on the bed, watching him pace back and forth.

"Y/N," He starts, taking your hands in his. "I love you. You know that, right?" His eyes are desperate and your heart begins to beat faster. Red flags are coming up everywhere and you start freaking out.

"No, Zayn, stop. Stop whatever it is that you're doing and just say whatever it is that you did. You're scaring me." You tell him. A sound comes from the bathroom as you remember hearing the shower earlier. "Is there someone here?" You look back into his eyes.

"Shit," He curses softly, obviously not intending for you to hear it.

"Zayn, why was the shower running? Who's here?" You already know the answer, but obviously don't want it to be true.

"I'm sorry, babe. Please just-" You cut him off by ripping your hands away from his as you get up from the bed.

"Listen to me, Zayn Malik. Cut the bullshit. I'm going to ask you this once and I expect an answer. Yes or no, is there a girl in that shower?" You say, trying to stay calm.

"Yes," He breathes out.

"Did you just sleep with that girl? You ask, your fists clenching.


"Answer the question, Zayn." You demand.

"Yes," He says.

You don't say anything as you walk over to the closet. You grab a backpack as start shoving all sorts of clothes in there, making sure to grab enough clothes to last a few days. Tears threaten to come up, but you shove all of your emotions into a box and lock it up, wanting to deal with them later.

"Y/N, just listen to me," Zayn says, walking into the closet and standing next to you.

"I don't care what you have to say Zayn. I heard you perfectly clear. You cheated on me." You say to him, not daring to look into his eyes.

"You just said that whatever it was, it was okay!?" He's getting frustrated.

"Yeah, but I thought it would be something like crashing your car, losing the dog, spending too much money on something, getting into a fight, not something like bringing some chick back here and sleeping with her! Clearly I'm old news to you," You say.

"No, baby. You're not 'old news.' I love you," Zayn says, unable to understand that we were over.

"You love me? Your going to stand there after fucking another girl and say you love me?!" I say looking at him.

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