Part 13: Almost A Cat Fight

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Author's Note:

Changing the upload schedule to Wednesday or Thursday. If that starts failing I'll upload every Sunday until I finish the book.

Annabeth's POV

Saturday, October 13th - 15:20 PM

This is cold! The temperatures are insane right now, I feel like it's December. Also, Morgana owes me for this hangout with her.

I literally sent Brittany to her dorm before the school got suspicious about her staying out of town. Katherine didn't even call her parents the night before, so I had to assure them that Kat didn't get blown up or something.

Then Morgana called me in the morning, begging me to go with her to the mall, just so she doesn't have to see her dumb cousin. She stressed the word dumb that I was like 'fine' and joined her anyways.

"I'm so tired but too awake to sleep." Mona says, yawning. I look at her, and it's obvious she slept only around four hours. For me, that's enough of an excuse to drag us to a McDonald's right after lunch. "So, Anne, how did dinner with Ajax's family go?"

"I copied Fallon Carrington's quote, the Joan Crawford one." I say, taking a sip of my dear cola. I set the cup down. "I feel like his sisters also hate me, since we pretty much called them budget Kylie and Kendall Jenner."

Mona chokes on her cola, putting a hand to her heart. She coughs for a few seconds, and then starts laughing.

"Believe it or not, Britt took the situation too personally." I add, and continue taking small sips of my cola. Morgana stops laughing, and has a thoughtful expression.

"That's weird... I haven't met the dude yet, but I do text with Britt." She says. Oh man, she has my attention. I lean foward slightly. "She didn't mention this... yet, however I feel like she likes the guy."

It's my turn to choke on my drink. Mona is looking at me with an amused expression, realizing that I caught on. Brittany likes Ajax? She saw him twice in her life, love on first sight isn't possible.

But that's Brittany we're talking about. She didn't tell me anything about the guys she likes, and I started to doubt she liked any of them. I think she liked Preston, since she always said that if he was the only man alive, she would marry him.

"Earth to Annabeth." Mona snaps her fingers a few time in front of my face and I blink a few times. "You just spaced out, I was talking about our bad bitch being in love."

"Morgana, this isn't a romcom." I say. Life isn't a romantic comedy. Life is literally a trash version of drama TV shows. I can vouch for that since I deleted my ex friend group from my life eleven days ago.

"I'm going to ask Brittany later about it, okay?" I say, Mona nods and we continue eating.

Time skip~
Fact: Brittany's fifth ability is her secret one, everyone has one they never show to the public. Her's is a sword made of lightning, which can slash a small area and detonate after a few seconds.

"What about this dress?"

Morgana asks me the same question for the tenth time. I look up from my chair as she slides the stall's curtain to the right.

"That's the same dress as this one, but white." I say tapping the black dress she tried on, which is identical to the one she's wearing now. "Also, how do you plan to wear any of this when it's cold?"

"Oh, you didn't hear?" Mona asks me in disbelief. I shrug my shoulders and yawn. Her yawns are contagious... but mine are from pure boredom. She does this all the time. Step one, drag friends to McDonalds. Step two, go to a clothing store, step three is to pick at least thirty articles of clothing. Last step is to try all of them on.

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