"Hello?" I answered my phone. Malia spoke loudly into the phone telling me to come to the lacrosse party.

"Shit." I said and closed my phone.

We were at the station and Parrish was running a list of names through his database.

"Guys I have to go. Malia is at the team party and she doesn't sound to good." I said and Stiles perked up at the mention of her name.

"Stiles you need to stay here, you're the last person she wants to see." I said and grabbed my coat running off. Lydia gave me a look telling me to use my head if I had to.

I arrived at the school quickly and shoved through the crowd running into Scott.

"Scott what's wrong?" I asked and he shook his head.

"I have no idea." He said his eyes filled with worry.

I had a feeling in my chest like this wasn't going to end well.

"Have you seen Malia?" I asked and he nodded and pointed me in her direction.

"Malia!" I called out to her but she didn't seem to hear me.

I grabbed her shoulder and she whipped around her eyes glowing.

"Lacey!!! You came!!" She squealed and embraced me in a hug.

"Malia we need to get out of here." I said and tried to pull her after me but she stayed planted in the same spot.

"Malia you're drunk, supernatural creatures can't get drunk." I hissed at her and she dropped her drink, her legs giving out.

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