Chapter 7 "Campfire Contemplation"

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Temporal Translocation


Temporal anomalies, while less common than the standard rips in space, are far from uncommon in the Post Cataclysm world. There are no known means to travel backwards in the stream of time by either mystical or scientific means. Theories in both disciplines seem to indicate that travel to the past is possible but as of current levels of development it only remains a theory. Traveling forward in time is a skill simply accomplished through both mystical (see Temporal Magic) and Scientific (see Chronol Displacement) means.  


There are several famous cases of random Temporal Translocation since the Cataclysm. The most famous of these being the case of United Suborbital Flight 1076 traveling from London to Los Angeles on the eve of the Cataclysm. Luckily for those souls when they appeared back into real time fifteen years ago it was near the City of Lazlo and thus they were spared anything worse than having their entire universe turned upside down


        - University of New Lazlo Database (Updated 100 PA)


GBMC Camp, Ruins of Belleville

        Three hundred and fifty years, Meg thought staring numbly into the campfire. Mom, Dad, and my entire family have been dead for centuries.

        Since being brought to the GBMC camp by Miranda, Meg had been in a state of semi shock. Meg made the odd woman repeat her words several times before she actually believed she was hearing them, and still she couldn’t bring herself to accept the veracity of those words.

        None of this is possible. I’m in the hospital in Wayne and I’m in a coma, this is all a dream. The words all made sense to her, the only problem was she didn’t believe word one of them. This is real.

        “She’s in shock,” Miranda said from the other side of the camp.

        Meg wondered what the other woman would think if she knew her softest whisper was as audible to Meg as if she were talking right next to her.

        She would probably find it uninteresting in this fucked up world. She’s not even human, I doubt anything I could tell her would surprise her more than me finding out she’s an honest to Christ elf!

        “Okay, she’s in shock,” Colonel McCoy said running his hand through his thinning hair. “What would you like to do with her, Randa?”

        “She has no idea what the world is like,” Miranda said taking a sip from her mug. “For her, a few hours ago it was before the Golden Age.”

        Meg could smell the bitterness of the coffee they were drinking. I could really use some of that caffeine and I wouldn’t say no to something to eat, she thought absently still not moving from her seat at her little fire.

        “I can appreciate that Randa, but we have a job to do and I have no desire to drag some puppy lost in time and space around with us,” Colonel McCoy said. “The first time we get into a combat situation we’re going to have more important things to do than protecting her. Besides as soon as Professor Cooper finds out about her he’s going to blow a gasket, this job is top secret.”

        Anger started to bubble in Meg. Even on the best of days she hated being thought of as a burden, and being spoken of as cargo that could be dropped in the road was fanning a growing flame. The old Meg from before this craziness started began to reassert herself.

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