The Second Test part 2

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"Hi" Kurama speaking/ Pov/Other things
"Hi" Naruto speaking to Kurama through his mind/Flashbacks/other stuff
"Hi" Regular talking/others

Naruto/Levi POV

"We now start the second test!" Anko yelled.

With that the the test began. I first went in the forest and jumped tree to tree then some other guys came busting through the gate, I think they were sound ninja from what I could tell from their headbands. Anyway I quickly lost them due my speed but I concealed my chakra and followed them because they seem fishy. Once they were in a safe place they revealed that one guy had a gadget that released sound to make your opponents go unconscious using sound waves, one other guy could manipulate sound, and the girl I don't know. I saw that they had a heaven scroll (If they didn't sorry but for the fanfic please pretend) so I took this as the perfect opportunity.

Their person POV

Naruto then stepped out of the shadows.

"Who the (insert bad word) are you?" The guy with a ton of bandages on him said.

"That's none of your business but it would save me a lot of time if you handed me your scroll." Naruto/Levi said.

"Never." The masked guy spat back.

"I guess you chose the hard way." He said with a smirk on his face and disappeared.

Naruto POV

At least I get a fight and there lucky they get to see my justus.

"Rasangan!" I said as I hit the guy who can manipulate sound causing him to be knocked into a tree knocking him unconscious .

"Y-you (insert bad word cuz I ain't use those) !" The girl said as herself at me with a kunai in her hand which I sidestepped to.

I quickly unshielthed one of my swords and used the hilt to knock her out. The guy with the gadget came at me aiming his gadget to my ears. So I shiethed my sword and got ready.

"Wind Style: Air Bullets!"

With that he ended up unconscious not dead but unconscious and with tons of bullet wounds.

No one Pov

"Even those pesky marines are stronger than that. Whatever I will just grab their heaven scroll. " Levi said.

Naruto/Levi then grabbed their scroll from the girl and started to head towards the tower when he heard commotion coming from further into the forest.

Naruto/Levi POV

I heard some commotion so I decided to ask Kurama if I should go check it out.

"Hey Kurama you their?"

"Yah Kit what do you need."

"Should I go check out what that noise is?"

"Sure but be careful ok."

"Ok thanks."

So after I got Kurama's permission I went over to where the commotion was atto see Anko holding her neck in pain with a man slowly walking to her. I quickly ran, picked her up, and ran towards the tower while I carried her. Once we arrived at the tower I quickly inspected her to see if she was hurt. Which she did, on her left hand she had a cut that was pretty deep and what looked like a seal.

"Can I give you you a pain killer to ease the pain and disinfectant your cut and bandage it?" I asked.

She nodded. So I immediately went to work. I quickly unsealed the medical bag Chopper gave me and got out a pain killer, bandages, and disinfectant alcohol, and a cotton pad.

"This may hurt." I said as I stuck in the pain killer into her she flinched but she immediately started to look better.

"This also may hurt. " I said as a put a little of the disinfectant alcohol on the cotton pad and rubbed it on the cut on her hand.

I then bandaged her hand to see that she was now unconscious and took her inside. I took out both of the scrolls, opened them, and laid them on the floor where a gray haired man with a head band over his left eye popped out.

"Congratulations on surviving the second test of the Chunin Exams." He said with his eyes closed.

Finally he opened up his eyes and saw Anko and said, "What happened to her? "

"I don't know I found her with aan who was coming at her so I quickly got her away from him. Also where should I put her."

"Uhh over here." I said as he started walking towards a door to the right so I followed him and opened the door to see a medical ward room. So I gently placed down Anko on the bed and walk out as I hear the door behind me close.

"Since you are here earlier than the rest of the contestants we will provided you with sleeping quarters, showers, food, and medical needs if you need it. " (A/N I don't know how this works so please go along with it) He said.

"Ok thank you."

He then lead me to a room where there was a couch with a table and a bed in a separate room.

"The men's shower is over here." He said as pointed to a room on the right that was kinda close to the room I will be staying at.

"And the kitchen will be over there." he said as he pointed to a room on the left that was also pretty close to my room.

"Ok thank you."

After that he left. I went to the kitchen and unsealed the food that Sanji made for me.


"Now I made you food for you to eat during the Chunin Exam's two weeks be sure to eat three meals per day and not eat it all up in one day like Luffy." Sanji said.

"Hey!" Luffy yelled.

"Heh ok. Thank you." I said as I gave him a hug.

"No problem." He said as he smiled.

               (Flashback over)

I opened the first meal to see some soup with vegetables and chicken in it with the noodles on the side so it wouldn't get soggy. It looked delicious so I quickly got out a pot and heated up the soup and once it was done I poured it into a bowl and added the noodles that I heated up as well.

      (How it looks after heated up)

      (How it looks after heated up)

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I finished the soup really quick. Sanji makes the best foods. After I showered. I headed back to my room. I already missed the crew man this is going to be a long two weeks.

Sorry for late chapter TwT I was almost done last night but it became late and I passed out anyway hope you enjoyed bye!

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