Chapter 5 :)

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Y/N pov

I wake up early to the sound of my phone ringing, I groan, roll over and answer it.
"hello?", I ask, my voice raspy.
"HeLlO!" I hear the familiar voice of Tubbo on the other line.
I clear my throat, "oh, hi toby.. wha-" I start and don't even get to finish my sentence.
"Bitch- Breezy bitch you're hanging with us today" A now familiar TommyInnit says.
I look at my phone and see that its only Tubbo in the call so I assume they're hanging today.
I groan, "you really woke me up mid afternoon for this?" I joke.
"How rUde!" Toby whines and Tommy laughs, with the following of calling him a bitch boy.
I put the phone on speaker and place is on my desk as I get up and start looking for something to wear, "What will we be doing today?" I ask browsing through my closet.
Tubbo clears his throat, "uh we were gonna go paddle boarding" he says softly.
I practically freeze, "i- uh i- paddle boarding? As in in the water?" I ask wearily.
Tommy laughs, "yeah as in the water where else would you pa-" he gets cut off by tubbo.
"Yes, as in the water.. is that ok? We can change plans" he says quickly.
"Nono the water is fine!! Do you mind if I vlog?" I ask trying to present a bit more confident.
The boys both agree and a few minutes later we hang up and i start getting ready.

I grab my vlog camera and a replacement battery and start looking for my swim suit. I find my black swim trunks and i start digging for my sports bra i usually wear when i'm working out so I don't hurt myself by wearing my binder too long.
I find it and I change into my swim wear and look at myself long in the mirror. I pout looking at my self and I grab my chest pushing in. "jesus could this be any looser?" I mumble under my breath frustrated. I hurry and change into my binder and look at myself again, feeling a bit more confident. I decide to go with my binder, ignoring all the problems it could cause and I toss my sports bra in a back pack with a white dream hoodie, towel and a pair of baggy shorts. I hurry and shove my camera in the bag and slide on a white T shirt and flip flops and start walking out to meet the boys at the Pier.

Tubbos Pov

I pace back n forth getting anxious waiting for y/n to show up. I turn to Tommy and sigh, "do you think y/n is really coming?" I ask. 
Tommy looks at me and gives an annoyed sigh, "Yes Tubs, He's gonna come. You need to chill." 
I pout slightly and look out down the pier towards the town, I notice the glint of sunglasses on someone and I look over. The person takes off the glasses shaking out their hair a bit before placing them on top of their head. They start to walk closer and I notice its Y/N and I get excited, practically bouncing on my toes. Tommy punches my shoulder to get me to calm down. 
Y/N approaches us and smiles placing his bag down at his feet, "hey fellas" he says quickly smiling at the both of us. I smile and brush my hair out of my face, "H-HelLO y/n!" I say and Tommy looks at me holding back a laugh. I shove him slightly and y/n smiles at us again, "You guys ready?" he asks and Tommy butts in, "HELL YEAH!!" he says grabbing the paddle board handing me the paddle as he leads us down a path closer to the water.

Y/N pov

As we get closer to the water I pull out my vlog camera and make sure I don't have to change out the batteries. Tubbo and Tommy were already trying to get on the paddle board as i started up a stream on my camera for the first bit, getting the 2 of them having fun in the water. After a bit Tommy pushes Toby in the water and Toby screams and laughs as he comes up from the water. "Breezy!! Come in!!" Toby yells. I shake my head and Toby pouts at me from the water. "If I get in who will vlog?" I ask making an excuse. Tommy gets out of the water and takes the camera from me. "Water, now bitch" he says pushing me towards the water. Toby looks at me as I stay still at the edge of the water. I smile awkwardly and Toby starts getting closer to me with the paddle board. I get in the water, up almost halfway to my knees and Toby brings the paddle board up to me and smiles, "you have to try it!" he says softly and I smile at him unsurely. I then look at the paddle board for a moment and Toby clears his throat, "I can help you up.. I assure you you'll be fine." he says and I meet his eyes. His face reddens softly and I nod at him feeling way more sure about everything than before.

He starts to help me get on the paddle board, one hand on my hip and another on the board to hold it steady. He seemed very careful not to hold my waist too tight and to keep it at a respectful level. I finally get up, but i'm sitting on my knees too nervous to stand all the way up. He smiles at me, "hey! you're getting there!" he says cheerily, "Now try standing up breezy!" 
I look at him and frown, "i- no knees is just fine" I say laughing nervously. Tommy gets closer to us, to make sure the camera is picking up the audio. "Stand up Breezy!!! Don't be a wimp!" Tommy Screams at me, and I flip him off, almost losing balance. Toby grabs the board steadying me, his hand on top of the one i have gripping the board. He lets go of my hand quickly causing me to freak out a little and the board to flip. I fall under the water and come up quickly and squeal. "OH MY GOD!" I exclaim and let out a shriek of laughter. "YOU'RE GONNA GET IT CRIME BOY!" I scream at Tommy, starting to chase him out of the water. I toss off my T-shirt as i'm running, as I hate the feeling of wet shirt against my body. ((dont worry you're still in the binder!!)) When i'm out of the water I nearly catch Tommy before he darts past me back into the water. I run back and I catch him, causing him to trip and fall, dropping the cam under the water. Tubbo picks up the camera laughing, The camera dead in his face before it cuts off as the first battery dies.

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