twenty one - harry

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twenty one – harry


            “Someone, right in this room, is a murderer,” Liam concluded after he paced for a couple of minutes from one end of the room to another, “Someone in my business has been killing our customers – “

            “What the fuck?” Angie snarled, “Why does it have to be one of us?” Liam glared at her.

            “I agree with Angie,” Eleanor said, crossing her fingers in front of her almost non-existent waist, “Why are you blaming us for something anyone could have done?” Eleanor was a very smart girl, Harry had realized that from the moment he stepped into the circus. She knew how to speak like a lady, and Harry had even heard that, back at her house, she was taught how to play the piano and French and ballet every single day, while she could wear all the pretty dresses her father would buy her – the boy wondered why would anyone give up on a life like that to work in a circus.

            “Because the killer clearly has a motive,” explained Zayn, who was sitting on Liam’s office, hands around his thighs. The both of them had been talking for a while now, and Harry had seen Sir Zayn sneaking in Liam’s room plenty of times during the night – he was at least happy for the fact that the prince would stay away from Louis. His Louis. Because Harry was sure he was not going to hesitate to do nasty things in order to keep Louis close. “The person who has been committing these crimes always aims for a person in the audience, then chops them in pieces in the toilets.”

            Angie rolled her eyes, as if the facts Zayn was presenting were not already obvious, “And what are we supposed to do about that?” she asked, playing innocent.

            Harry watched them speak silently as he sat on his chair, legs crossed underneath his torso, biting his bottom lip and fiddling his thumbs. Looking around, he noticed that no one was watching him, so he turned to Louis next to him, who still felt dizzy from the sight he had encountered in the restrooms before. He could understand that the man was not familiar with these kinds of situations that contained blood and gore, like other people were. “How are you feeling?” he whispered, rubbing his hand up and down Louis’ thigh.

            Louis sighed, shifting his gaze from the table where Zayn and Angie continued to fight, “I need to puke my stomach out,” he admitted, rubbing his temples, “I just cannot stay here while this discussion is being held.”

            “Then come with me,” Harry suggested, “Excuse yourself and come with me to my tent – “

            “Harry!” Liam shouted, “Why weren’t you with us when we found Mr. Corden’s lifeless body in the restrooms?”

            A lump appeared in Harry’s throat; holding him back from saying the lies he had already practiced saying thousands of times from the moment he left his home, “He was in his room,” Angie quickly jumps in, saving his ass again, like she always does. “I was talking to him right before I left and Niall called me in the toilets, and so I did not have the time to call for him as I was very upset and concerned. It is my fault, and I apologize for that.”

            Everyone’s eyes were on Liam as they waited for his response, but the man just exhaled loudly and shut his eyes closed, waving his hand in a dismissing move, “Out, everyone get out, I can’t deal with anyone right now,” and after that, he added, “Sir Malik is welcome to remain in the room, as I have some issues to talk about with him.”

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