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have you ever fangirled before? most likely. everyone has at one point in time.

i legit fangirl over my favourite wattpad authors and i could be in the middle of a conversation and see my screen light up and a notification saying they updated on the screen and i'd shut up and ask them to stop talking to me and go read it.

unless i don't have wifi. then that's torture.

I'm so happy rn bc one of my favourite authors sleepystyles- followed me and I'm just like asdfghjkl throw me off a cliff. i told my classmates but they probably don't care oh well they won't get my life anyways.

the thing is, we derive joy from many simple things, and we can't let people take that away from us. we shouldn't let them guilt-trip us into abstaining from liking it just to please society.

peace out girl scouts,

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