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SPEEDING INTO THE parking lot I park in the middle spot where Xavier said our brothers park the others pulling in at the same time all eyes were on us I guess they're pretty popular. I don't want to be dramatic but it was like a movie all my brothers getting out and waiting for me with stone cold faces. Making sure my face holds no emotion I step out of my car and walk in the middle of my brothers. Walking into the school the whole hallway bursts into whispers some asking whether I was their whore or others things that involve incest. Walking into the office I enter and ask the receptionist for my schedule she doesn't answer cause she's to busy texting and at this point my patients is running low.

"I said can I have my schedule" this time my voice more harsh.

"Name," she said with an eye roll luckily I asked my brothers to wait outside cause who knows what they would of done.

"Xnea De Luca,"

"H-h-heres you-your schedule miss,"

Rolling my eyes I head outside to meet my brothers.

"Let me see your schedule,"

Heading it to them they all stare at me in shock.

"How the hell are you taking only AP classes,"

"Cause there fun I graduated already you do know that right,"

"And I thought Xzavier was smart,"

"Well you have at least one class with each of us starting with Xavier which is AP calculus,"

"I actually have to meet up with coach so head in without me use the map they gave you to navigate,"

I already did research on the school so I didn't need the map nodding at them and saying good bye I make my way to my locker and put my stuff in it.

My class was on the other side of the building so by the time I get there I'm already late so I decided why not make a grand entrance. Kicking the door open I walk into the class scaring everyone

"Who do you think you are walking in to my class late"

"My name is Xnea De Luca and I'm late because I was lost as you can tell I'm your new student"

I wasn't lost but he doesn't need to know.

The whole class erupted in whispers.

"De Lu-Luca have a seat"


Sitting at the back of the class not paying attention to anything that's going on I was brought out of thought by a girl sitting next to me she had the same dangerous aurora and looked tired of this class.

"Your in my seat,"

"Fuck off,"

"I like you, name?"

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