Chapter 1

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Rob Jetten

It is autumn 2016, the leaves have lost most of their color, and so has Thierry's appearance. He has been looking gloomy and absent for the better part of this year. I wish I could help him... If only he'd let me. 

We have been on and off since the day he walked into my life four years ago. It wasn't till last year that he joined the house of representatives, he has been hot and cold ever since. When he joined, our understanding was clear. No one could know about us. It would threaten his position and status. His looks and masculinity are part of his campaign. 

A little toxic if you ask me, but who am I. 

Who am I? 

I'm Rob, 28 years of age, and with my political party D66, I fight for everything that is good in this world. Unlike Thierry, he stands for everything that I am not. But aside from his insufferable viewpoints, he is hot. So yes, I do understand that he might use that for his campaign, even though I do not agree with his ways. 

But something has been off with him the past few months, and I wish I knew what it was. I'm desperate to help him. Help us. But getting the silent treatment for so long has been rough on me. I cannot rely on him, no matter how much I want to... On his broad shoulders, if only they weren't so cold. The only time he's there is in the broom closet just outside the big ol' chamber. But I need more. I need what we had before he came to work here. I need us back. I'm not sure if that will ever happen again, and hanging onto that hope is cutting me deeper every day. However, he must be worth it in the end, right?

'Rob, you're up.' Sigrid says from beside me.


I was daydreaming, again. Why do I always do this when things get stressful for me?! I take the few pieces of paper in front of me and stride towards the center of the chamber. 

I remember how nervous I would get when I had to speak in front of a crowd. I hated the feeling. When I was 6 years old I even swore to my mom that I would never become a public icon, just so that I wouldn't have to speak in front of anyone. Look how that turned out...

The first time up here was the worst, but ever since Thierry has entered the chamber, he has been able to calm my nerves by half at least. He doesn't like it though when I look at him while I'm speaking. He feels as if it might raise suspicion. He has a point I guess. But just his appearance is enough for me now. 

Climate change. Right. Focus, Rob! 

I start my speech, about the Paris climate agreement, and as I open my mouth to say how we must do more, the doors open and I get struck by a numbing heat firing up my body, and I suddenly find it hard to breathe. A tall mysterious stranger walks in with Rutte (Mark Rutte = Dutch Prime Minister) by his side. Mark whispers something in his ear as he glances around the chamber. His hair is dark and full, thick curls twirling on top of his head. He is holding a dark brown briefcase which matches perfectly with the color of his eyes. As soon as the thought crosses my mind, he locks those big beautiful dark eyes with mine. I suddenly feel 6 years old again, and I feel like I haven't taken a breath since the moment he stepped through the door. 

'Rob?' Chairman Arib calls out my name. 

Wait, where am I? I look around me, as I gain awareness of my surroundings. That is when I see him again. But now Rutte is also staring at me... Just like everyone else. Shit. 

'Chairman, if I may.' Rutte walks to the center of the chamber, but I only have eyes for the stranger accompanying him. 

The chairman gives Mark permission, to which he proceeds to walk up the stairs to where I am standing. The stranger following his lead. 

I grasp the opportunity I have been given to step aside and take a step to the left, so Rutte has full access to the microphone. The mysterious man taking place to his right. 

'Dear chamber, today I would like to introduce you to our newest member, Jesse Klaver,  he will be the new party leader for GreenLeft.'

The new party leader? That is unusual. Especially since the elections are not for another year. I lean back to take look at Jesse. But I don't get a good look because I am caught off guard when I see that he was already staring at me. I look back straight away and try to focus on what Mark is saying. 

'Meeting adjourned.' 

Are the last words I hear as Mark lays his hand on my shoulder and starts to introduce me personally to... him. 


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That was the first chapter guys! Hope you liked it... XOXO ur favorite Dutch girl 

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