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STARING AT THE boys in front me taking time to examine them, they all seem to look like dad with either piercing blue eyes or green ones like moms before they looked lifeless and like a swamp of alge. One in particular looking a lot like me. I'm brought out of thought when I see someone about to run at me flinching backwards.

"Sorry it was unexpected" I lied seemlessly. .

"Ok why don't you introduce yourself from oldest to youngest, " said dad his look of worry slowly vanishing.

"As you know I'm Vincent and I'm 22," he said his cold voice demanding respect heir to the throne so it's expected. I'm guessing its also suppose to be scary

"I'm Lucas that's Liam and were 19."

Lucas seems like the chill and the more down to earth one. Where as Liam looks like he's about to burst from happiness

"Xander, 18 " he said with a cold glare and I gave one back which seemed to surprise him before he covered it with an eye roll. God remind me that birth control is a thing. Doesn't look like the talking type good to see we have that in common.

"Hi! I'm Landon, 16,"

He looks happy but isn't there's something bothering him but no one seems to notice it but I do. I nod my head at him.

"Hi! I'm Xavier and I'm your twin so I'm 15 as well"

And I almost smiled, Almost. No one else seemed to see it except him.

"Can I hug you?" Xavier asks

Nodding my head slowly he walks up to me and gives me a hug, something I never new would mean so much to me. A twin I had a twin a I didn't even know. I feel fucking useless I have the power yet somehow I couldn't find out what Linda told be was a lie. How in the world did I even believe her

"Hi I'm Xnea 15 but I'm guessing you already new that,"

They all smile at me well except Xander of course.

"Ok, why don't you show her to her room Xavier and let her settle in she had a long flight, be down at 7 for dinner" said Vincent

Nodding our heads making our way to my new "room" when I hear Lucas ask if he can come with us. Turing to him saying yes we head upstairs and let me tell you for the first time I let any emotion really show I was shocked.

"If you don't like it we can redo it Xavier decorated it saying something about twin telepathy " said Lucas.

"I love it," was all I was able to say.

Turning giving a small smile which seems to shock them before covering it up quickly, I walk inside the room taking in everything

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