Chapter Five ~Annabeth~

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I waited at the door with two girls, Reyna and Rachel. Reyna had a purple t-shirt on, Rachel had a green jacket and a shirt that said,"Save the *Insert favorite endangered animal here* and I had my hair down and a gray dress with a black leather jacket with black converse.

"Hey Annie! Welcome and who are these two?" Thalia asked as she opened the door.

"Oh, this is Reyna," I said while pointing to Reyna,"And this is Rachel." I said pointing to the frizzy redhead.

"Come on in!" Thalia intructed cheerfully opening the door wider.

Her apartment wasn't decorated, Thank Gods, it only had the normal party supplies plus cupcakes. I passed Thalia the junk and plates that she'd told me to bring.




Oh no. Percy and his crew were here. Thalia ran to the door and invited in Piper Mclean, Leo Valdez, Jason Grace, and Percy Jackson.

"Okay. Who's ready for truth or dare?" Thalia asked in a loud tone hoping that everyone was.

"Me!" All of us unison

We all made our way to the center of Thalia's small living room and Thalia stood on the table,"Okay So the questioner person stands here!"

Thalia went first,"Piper, truth or dare?" She questioned.

"Dare!" Piper called after a dramatic pause.

"I dare you to kiss one of the two, Leo or Jason." Thalia called out.

Piper shrugged and kissed Jason on the cheek leaving ourselves with a blushing Jason on our hands. Piper stood on the table,"Girl in the purple shirt! Truth or dare?" She asked Reyna.

"First of all, my name is Reyna. Second, I choose dare!" Reyna spat like someone was saing ,"I choose you Pikachu!" (I just had to)

"Okay, Reyna, I dare you to, hm. Stick someones face in a cupcake!" Piper dared.

Reyna smiled and grabbed a cupcake,"Sorry Rachel!" She yelled smashing the cupcake in her face, Rachel licked her lips,"Yum! Whipped!" She said as she stood up to head towards the bathroom.

"Annie, truth or dare?" She questioned mischeviously, oh no. That's bad.

"Dare." I answered folding my arms. I'd made the wrong choice and I knew who she was gonna make me do the dare with.

"I dare you and Percy to have to be touching until the game ends." Reyna grinned, I hung my head and held my hand out,"This means nothing" I said through gritted teeth. This night was never going to end was it?

~Authors Note~

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