|Naoya x reader|

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Forgive me lord for what I'm about to do. This is just pure smut. Hope you enjoy. (TW blood, cuts, blades, language)

The small blade felt on your skin like icy bites, cutting into the flesh freeing the warm scarlet liquid. It found its way to your breasts, slowly dripping from your hardened nipple as he licked it up while looking into your eyes, never breaking eye contact. It made your whole body shiver, the cold air in the room embracing your whole body as he moved the blade to your hands which were tied to the wall of the room, the roughness of the wall made you shiver every time you got pushed into it.

He made a deep cut into your lower arm, the blood flowing from the veins, dripping down on the floor, your sides being painted by the warm liquid. A small moan escaped your lips as he licked the blade slowly, smiling at the taste of your blood in his tounge. He licked the blood from your breast, moving towards your neck where the blood was oozing out from a small wound, gently sucking on it, sending waves of pleasure all over your body, making your thinking fuzzy. He looked you deep in the eyes, slowly licking the remaining blood from his lips, making you squirm, as you tried to free yourself from the ropes that were around your lower arms, restricting movement.

"Don't be a bad girl, okay? Bad girls get punished, you don't want that do you?" he whispered into your ears, his voice low, making it harder for you to focus.

You didn't look at him, feeling your body heat up as he pressed his warm skin against yours, another moan escaping your mouth as he cupped your cheeks, turning it to be face to face with him. You were so close to him, his warm breath thickling your lips as the air vibrated around you. You met his eyes, dark orbs staring at yours with intent you didn't knew existed, feeling like he was seeing into the depths of your soul. He moved even closer, making you swallow hard, feeling your heat pulsating from the closeness of the man.

Your trance was broken as you felt blood drop on your face, bringing you back to reality. With a sudden movement he licked the blood off from your face, the grip on your face tightening as he kissed you roughly, the taste of iron filling your mouth as he was kissing you passionately, making your thighs clench together, slick dripping down on them.

He broke the kiss, pushing two of his fingers inside your mouth.

"You enjoy this don't you? You like being tied up by me, huh?" he asked as he pushed his fingers deeper into your mouth, making you gag. "Answer me, whore."

Tears were gathering in the corners of your eyes, the pain turning into pleasure as you felt your throat tighten by the second. You couldn't answer him, only small whimpers forming in your throat, but it didn't please him.

"Ah, I will have to punish you, if you don't answer. I'll make you into a good, obedient girl." he said, the room ecoing.

He removed his fingers from your mouth, saliva dripping from them on the floor. You were trying to stay focused, sharp pain coming from your wounds making it hard to pay attention to him other than the stinging feeling. He lowered his fingers to your dripping cunt, pushing it inside you with one motion, making your walls clench around them as you gave a deep moan. He started curling them inside you, his long fingers hitting the spot you so much yearned for. The pain from your wounds started to fade as the pleasure was building up inside your lower abdomen, your body moving on its own, as Naoya moved his other hand to your bud, moving his fingers in a fast circular motion, making you bite your lips hard.

The taste of copper filled up your mouth as the side of your lips was now bleeding too. You could only focus on Naoya though, making eye contact while the man was devouring you.

"I'm c-close." you whimpered as he smiled, seeing you helpless and by his mercy made him go even faster.

"I can't hear you." he said as he closed the gap between your faces. "Say it louder so I can hear."

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