🔸 Shadows and Hopes 🔸

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Rhydian's pov

It's been 3 years since Maddy's gone.

3 painful, depressive years.

I miss her so much!

I need her, yes, she's me mate, but first of all, she's me best friend!

Shannon and Tom graduated, and went to Harward together.

I graduated too, but I didn't go to college.

What's the point? Wild wolfbloods are attacking everywhere, and I can't risk our wolfblood secret.

And honestly, I'm not mentally ready.

I see Maddy everywhere.

I feel like I'm just a shadow of my old life.

When everything was perfect.

But next week, I'm going to turn 18!

And I finnaly can find my love.

I hope she hasn't changed,

that she still loves me, I hope we'll be finnally happy!

But, till the next week, I can only hope..

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