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I was in the kitchen with Pattie, helping her to serve the dinner. Justin's friends are coming tonight, and one of them whose name was Chaz just got back from New York and he's one of Justin's best of the best friends.

"Should I be worried about his friends?" I asked Pattie

"No, they're all good guys." she replied.

I placed the pasta on the dining table along with the forks and knives on the table until I heard the doorbell ring.

"I'll get it." I informed Pattie before walking out the kitchen to open the door, there's a good-looking man wearing a nerdy glasses and leather jacket with a plain white shirt and black jeans.

"Um hi." I awkwardly greeted him because I don't even know his name.

"Hi! You must be Stella Adams! I have heard a lot about you, from Justin and it's really nice to see you, I'm Chaz." he introduced himself with a genuine, and big smile. He held his hand out at me and I happily shook his hand.

"It's really nice to see you and Justin's excited seeing you." I smiled at him and stepped aside letting him in. He chuckled and stepped in to the house and went straight to the kitchen. I followed him and saw him gave Pattie a hug and they chatted a while until he turned at me.

"Where's my man?" He asked

"He's in the shower, he should be down here in a few." I replied and continued to help Pattie while Pattie and him having a nice conversation. And again the doorbell rang, I walked to open them again and this time, there're 2 guys and a girl standing there.

"Ryan! Aye!" I heard Chaz called out from behind me, Ryan smirked at him and nodded.

"This is Ryan, and that one is Nolan and..." he trailed off sounding uncomfortable.

"I'm Shay, Justin's ex-girlfriend." the girl spoke. I raised my eyebrow but nodded anyway.

"I hope that's okay." Ryan mumbled

"That's fine! I'm pretty sure Justin misses you guys a lot." I exclaimed.

"I bet." Shay giggled

"Stop being a bitch, Shay." Nolan spoke then drag her in to the house. I stared at them confused before Ryan laid a hand on my shoulder.

"I'm so sorry about Shay, she insisted to come." he said, I just laughed and shrug my shoulder.

"Dude, you could've just say no to her, she's obsessed with herself." Chaz groaned

"Nah man, she's obsessed with Justin." Ryan chuckled

"Yeah, and they're not even together! It was just a one night thing and Justin was obviously drunk." Chaz rolled his eyes dramatically.

"Aye! Hands off my wife!" Justin barked from the stairs. We all look up at him and a wicked smile appeared in Chaz and Ryan's face before the two of them threw their arms around my shoulder.

"She'a beautiful." Ryan smirked

"Yeah, I'd kill to have someone like her." Chaz added. Justin growled and grabbed my hand and pulled me to him.

"If you were not my bestfriend, you two would've been holding your jaw right now and your ass will be thrown out."

"Chill bro." Ryan laughed

"Miss you hun." Chaz grinned and kissed Justin's cheek. They're too cute.


"Justy!" I hear a high pitched voice coming from behind.

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