We watched on as she scanned the dress in and covered it with clear plastic for protection. “If I may add,” she started, and I nodded for her to continue. “This dress is the only one we got in store, as it was just a trial dress, so you can be rest assured that no one else will be wearing the same outfit as you.” She gave me a little wink and I beamed at her. 

“That’s good to know!” 

I paid the exceptionally happy worker and what seemed like an eternity later, we headed out of the store. Poor Salem and the three other guards looked like they were going to melt into the floor with boredom. Knowing that food would cheer all of us up and restore our energy levels, I headed straight for the food court. As if sensing where we were going, all four guards began to walk with renewed vigour and I resisted the urge to laugh out loud. 

Ten minutes later with kebabs in hand, we were searching for somewhere to sit in all the chaos. It was a Saturday, meaning lots of families and students were at the mall. Not feeling up to being stared at whilst I eat, I nudged Mira in the side and nodded my head to the ceiling. With a knowing smile, she nodded her head and we retreated back from where we came and after a few minutes of walking, strode into a particular hallway. 

I heard Salem exhale at our antics, but deep down, I knew he actually preferred where we were going. Making sure no one was around, we wedged open the heavy fire exit door and walked up three flights of stairs, until we came to another door. 

“I c-can’t pull this one, it’s too h-heavy,” Mira grunted, one hand grasping the door handle and the other holding her kebab. I chuckled at the hilarious sight, not even bothering to help her, before Salem stepped up and motioned for her to move aside. With an effortless pull, he threw the door open and held it in place until we moved through. We were now on the very top of the building and laid out before us like a canvas print, was our city. The first time Mira and I had discovered this place, we had fallen madly in love it and immediately began using it as our hide-away spot. The public eye wasn’t constantly on us here but even better, was the fact that we could eat like cows and no one would see. “Masha’Allah,” Mira uttered in a daze. 

I plopped down on a piece of shaped cement which we used as a makeshift chair and looked over at my friend, puzzled. When I saw her dreamily looking towards Salem, who was now standing off a few metres from us in the corner with the rest of the guards, I smacked her arm. “Hey! None of that over here please.”

She pouted sadly and came to sit next to me. She unwrapped her kebab and took a bite, before turning to me with an almost pained look. “Why does he have to be so rugged and handsome and argh, just, amazing?!” 

Mira had been harbouring a pitiful crush on Salem for almost a year now. “You know he’s like, eight years older than us?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Age is just a number. If he asked me to marry him, I would say yes in a heartbeat.” I scowled at her. “What? I would!” 

“That crush of yours, has been my personal guard since I was ten years old, so excuse me for feeling a little violated.” 

“Drama queen,” she murmured quietly.

We sat in silence for a little while after that, staring out at the moving city afore us. It was soothing in its own way, watching the cars drive away in the distance, observing how the water lapped at the shore not too far off from us and following the clouds with our eyes. 

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