Chapter 1: A fresh start

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Before everyone starts reading, I want to remind everyone that I won't be using y/n or f/n because it kind of bothers me.

Yes, this is a Levixreader fanfic but instead of using the usual y/n, I decided to use Cass as your first name and Belova as your fake last name. Reader's real name is Cassandra Beaumont but we won't be using that in a while.

Thank you everyone and again, I apologize for constantly editing this book.

Previously, I used first person's POV but I realized how hard it is to continue the story using only that POV.

I assure you, this would be the last time I would edit this chapter ( I think)

That's all, do continue reading. I love you all  :>>>


You glanced at the manor where you lived for more than a decade and every time it gets smaller, you feel safer and undisturbed. A luxurious and a comfortable life was far from what you experienced. The first time you step foot in the so-called palace, you knew that living in a new environment with unfamiliar people wouldn't be easy.  A scandalous stepmother, a spoiled and hot-tempered stepbrother, and a father who was quite obsessed with his image and reputation was not that much of a great start.

Originally, you were from the underground capital which was beneath the innermost land of Mitras. Your mother, Ingrid Church was a resident doctor. The reason of her chosen occupation is due to her desire to obtain a residency above the surface since Doctors were given such opportunities but as time passed by, she learned how to love her job and the people as well, while often telling you that it was her passion to help people improve their health.

She never had the chance to pay off the quota for the residency above since she always lent extra budget for the ones in need.

After a few years, she met your father and they had an affair. Your father was a powerful man on the underground capital and on the surface. The underground capital was governed by his close friend ever since Nicholas Lovof went into hiding since he was hunted by the military due to the crimes that he committed because of his greed and apathetic nature.

You were raised underground for 7 years but when your mother passed away, she made sure that your presence was known to my father to ensure your residency on the surface.

She was murdered trying to protect you from a couple of men who were obviously sent by your father's wife. You were injured but compared to your mother, she had 14 stab wounds and was shot in the head. The military police arrived after a while and decided that it was theft and that there was no foul play.

You wouldn't call your mother the perfect parent and you wouldn't refer to her as a bad one either. You had little to no interactions, but she made sure that you had complete meals, was bathed every day, and knew how to read. She would always stare at the window for hours, like she was longing for something, or someone. You never really understood her but you were thankful for her protection. For bringing you unto this world, you're not so sure.

You thought that there were more misfortunes coming your way but gladly, it stopped there. When you met the eldest son of father, he was the only one who treated you like a normal human being.

Eugene was usually calm, composed, and everything about him was relaxing. You still find it hard to believe that he and Elliot were related. Elliot, Eugene's younger brother always despised you and was the spitting image of their mother.

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