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Everyone in the class grew to be all 7ft/6ft (shinsou replaced mineta)

Deku is 5'9

Bakugou is 5'0

Bakugou POV:

We are all at the dinner table eating dinner as a class like we always do

"H-hey um.." deku started

"Yes deku?"

"What is it midoryia?"

"Everything okay?"

"You can tell us bro!"

'Ugh.. deku being the class favorite' I thought to myself and just continued eating

"I'm a....l-little" deku stuttered out I practically choked

"Awwww" all the girls started squealing

"Super manly pebble!"


"So cute"

"Makes sence"

"How old are you in little space?"

"Oh- uh normally around 3-5.."

I held back my tears, if I told them I was a little well I actually have babyspace that's why I dont slip, they'd make fun of me but its deku everyone loves him.

I'm just a angry monster.

"We will all gladly be your caretakers!" I hear someone say snapping me out of my thoughts everyone agreed and then looked at me

"Right bakubro?" Kirishima said


"Kawcan?" Deku asked clearly in little space


Everyone was looking at me I didnt know what to do or say I was angry and sad

"No! I hate you!" I yell I immediately regretted that decision...

Everyone looked at me like I just murdered someone and deku burst into tears ururaka pulled him on her lap and the girls started comforting him

"Girls take deku." Iida ordered the girls went to minas dorm with deku the boys all stood up I stared at the floor, iida pulled me to the couch and pushed me on it and they all stood in front of me angrily

"What the hell bakugou!?"

"What is wrong with you!"

"Cant you be nice for once"

"Why would you yell at him especially in little space."


I got yelled at by everyone all at once I couldn't take it, I pulled my knees to my chest and covered my ears and let myself cry practically sobbing

Everyone stopped yelling probably because they are shocked I'm crying in front of people

I felt hands touch my wrists and my hands away from my ears slowly

"Hey look at me" I looked at them it was kiri and the rest of the guys were watching

"I need you to calm down for me okay?" He said and sat down next to me I looked down and slowly nodded

"Why were you being so rude to midoryia..I mean you always are but I know you know what a little is so why would you be so harsh I know your a good guy bakubro.." kirishima said in a sad tone it makes me sad I disappointed him

"I was jealous.." I said fiddling with my fingers trying to stay big yelling normally triggers my babyspace

"Why?" Todoroki asks I gulp

"I-.... because I have uh baby space and I was jealous that he got to come out as a little and I know if I told you about my baby space you guys wouldnt have the same energy...." I admitted more tears came to my eyes I looked at them surprisingly they're eyes weren't filled with disgust and anger, but with love?

"Oh baby..." iida said they all cuddled me

"Aw we have a little baby on our hands!" Kami said peppering my face in kisses

"Aw we love you so much never forget that!" Sero said I giggled making them all coo

No one POV:

"Ba!" Bakugou squealed

"Aw well isn't it our baby" shinsou said dramatically making bakugou squel and giggle

"Let's get bakugous babyspace stuff" iida said picking bakugou up they walked to his dorm and found it hidden under bakugous bed they changed him into a diaper and fluffy white bunny onesie

"Awwwwww" they all said sero gave bakugou a pacifier and picked him up spinning him making the little squeal

"Let's clear this up with midoryia and the girls" todoroki said they nodded and walked to minas room and opened the door deku was playing with blocks on the floor with the girls helping the all looked up, they went shocked iida explained everything to them and bakugou just sat there playing with seros hair not understanding anything

All the girl were excited and cooing at bakugou deku came up to sero

"Cwan I swee hwim?" Deku asked sero smiled

"Sure buddy be careful" sero said and handed bakugou to deku

"Hwi kwacchan!" Deku said bouncing bakugou a little bakugou giggled and snuggled into deku

"Baba!!!!!" Bakugou said

Everyone died from cuteness

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