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the rest of the week was just quinn and I — well, mostly me DRAGGING quinn to try and befriend this "lisette" or at least get the reason for her hatred for us out

josiah: there she is, go go go!
quinn: im going! quit pushing!

quinn walked out with a stack of papers and then pretended to trip and drop the papers

quinn: oh no!

she got on the floor and started picking up the papers. lisette stopped right in front of quinn

lisette: do you need help
quinn: um.. yes..

I hid behind a corner and smiled a bit, maybe she wasn't all that ba-

lisette: hm

she continued walking away. quinn furrowed her brows and flipped her off while lisette wasn't looking. as soon as she turned the corner I went over to help quinn out

quinn: well that was embarrassing

I picked up all the papers with my telekinesis and handed them to quinn

josiah: hm...

the bell rung and we ran to class. I went over to sit next to lisette, it's not like I had any other choice.

josiah: so-
lisette: shut up
josiah: but-
lisette: just shut up!

the class went silent and everyone looked over at us

lisette: sorry mister adachi.. may I use the restroom?
andy: go ahead

she glared at me, stood up, and went to the bathroom. I was getting no where, if anything I was making things worse. quinn was right, I should just drop it.

andy: alright, we're going to be getting into groups of three, get to know each other better because after lunch, you'll be going up against each other

everyone got up and I went over with quinn

quinn: girl really yelled at you
josiah: shut up
quinn: yeah that's what she said
josiah: wha- no, i'm telling you to shut up!
quinn: she's really rubbing off on you huh
josiah: dude she's impossible to talk to
quinn: that's why I don't even try to
andy: quinn, josiah, I said groups of three

we looked around, everyone was already in groups of three

josiah: theres no one left-

lisette walked back in the classroom and my uncle smirked

andy: lisette, you're with josiah and quinn

she looked over at us and then nodded, as if she had no problem with us. she kept her composure while walking over to us, till she got closer and glared right into our souls. I could literally feel chills go down my spine. I turned my back to her and just spoke to quinn for the rest of class, I wasn't even going to try, at this point it was just embarrassing to try. lunch came as soon as it went by, next thing we knew we were sitting in the training area waiting to go up against each other. I managed to beat quinn, no surprise there, then it came down to me versus lisette

josiah: you ready?

she got into a fighting stance without saying a word, it was the first time I actually got something out without her telling me to shut up. I ran at her and threw a punch but she grabbed my arm and threw me over, locking my arm behind my back and digging her knee into my back. she used her other hand to pin down my other arm down to the ground, I guess she knew my quirk.

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