"Your birthday is in a few days," Harry told Louis as he rubbed his shoulder, "are you excited to be eighteen?" He asked and smiled down at Louis, wanting to make the young hybrid as comfortable with him as possible.

Louis nodded with a small hum before he shrugged. It didn't really matter how old he was. And his last two birthdays he spent without people even noticing it was his birthday. He didn't see why it was a big deal. "Don't really matter." He murmured, fiddling with his fingers.

"It does matter," Harry argued lightly, "eighteen is a big number, almost as big as twenty one," he laughed softly and kissed Louis' forehead, "although we don't know lots of people, I can invite my family and friends and then we can throw you a party. It'll also be a perfect opportunity for you to meet them," he suggested and smiled at Louis, "then the next day, we can make cookies and eat them while you're opening more presents, because then it would br Christmas day," he said and smiled.

Louis smiled small at the offer, and he nodded. "Okie." He whispered with a small giggle, sniffling. "Can us make cookies for Santa Clause too?" He asked hopefully.

No one had ever told Louis that Santa didn't exist, and he thought he just didn't get presents because he never got to lay out cookies and milk for him.

"Yes, of course we can darling, I always leave cookies out," Harry smiled widely and nodded happily.

He really didn't, but he just wanted to keep Louis happy. "You can decorate Santa's cookies when we make them," Harry said to him. "We can decorate the tree tomorrow," he told him and then thanked his chef for bringing them their tea. "Be careful Lou, it's hot," he told Louis as he passed him his cup.

Louis nodded happily at that, and he looked up when the chef came in with the tea, and he took his cup with a soft "t'ank you" to both the chef and Harry before he took a small sip. He hadn't had anything to drink, so it felt very nice going down his stinging throat. He smiled tinily at the taste.

Harry took a sip of his tea and then set it down on the coffee table before gently scratching behind Louis' ear, "it's good, right?" He asked softly and smiled down at Louis as he took a sip of his tea, "we can have some whenever you want, just tell me," he assured and kissed the side of Louis' head.

Louis sipped his tea and put it down beside Harry's, looking up to him with a nod. There were a few things he wanted, but he didn't want to ask. He wanted a bath, maybe some clothes that weren't stiff and tattered, and cuddles. And even though Harry said he could, he didn't want to ask.

Harry looked down, "is something bothering you, Lou?" He asked softly when he noticed the concentrated look Louis had on his face, "you can tell me anything, I'm not going to hurt or judge you, you know that, right?" He asked and rubbed Louis' back gently.

Louis looked up when Harry spoke, and he sighed quietly, thinking for a moment before he shook his head. "I'm 'kay." He said softly.

He was lucky to just be out of the cold, he shouldn't ask for anything else.

"Okay Lou, but don't forget, you can tell me anything," Harry nodded and tangled a hand into Louis' hair, "do you like it here so far?" He asked softly and looked down at Louis. He rubbed Louis' back and pulled him closer as he waited for Louis' answer.

Louis smiled softly and nodded, closing his eyes as he listened to Harry's question before he nodded. "S' pretty. An' warm," he hummed.

He liked having a person to talk to as well. It got so lonely in that box all by himself.

Harry smiled and pulled Louis into his lap, "you don't mind this, do you?" He asked and bit his lip as he looked at Louis, "I'm warm right? You can cuddle with me all you want," he offered and smiled widely at Louis warmly. "I can show you your room, but you're welcome to come into my room and sleep with me if you don't wanna be alone," he said and kissed Louis' cheek softly.

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