The Second Test part 1

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"Hi" Kurama speaking/Pov/flashback
"Hi" Naruto speaking to Kurama through his mind / anyone thinking/other things
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-----------------------------------------------------------Levi (Naruto) Pov

"My name is Anko Mitarashi I'm the sexiest women alive in Konaha I will be your instructor for the second part of the Chunin Exams." The lady said as she looked around the room.

"Really Ibiki you didn't even get half of them (I changed this on Chunin Exams part 1) I guess your becoming more soft~" Anko teased.

"I am not." Ibiki said as he grew a visible tick mark on his head at Anko's comment. (I don't remember this part of the Chunin Exams so just pretend this happened)

"Whatever anyways follow me maggots." She told us which so stood up to.

We followed her to the forest of death I recognized it because that was one of the places I hid when I was getting chased by the villagers. She then stopped when we got in front of the gate into the forest.

"So in this part of the Chunin Exams works each team will be given on of these scrolls." She said as she held out two scrolls.

                (They look like this)

'This one is the heaven scroll," She said as she lifted the white scroll, "and this one is the earth scroll

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'This one is the heaven scroll," She said as she lifted the white scroll, "and this one is the earth scroll." She explains as she lifts up the blue/black scroll.

"Every team will have one scroll so you will have to get a scroll opposite from the one you will have from another team once you have both scrolls you will head to the tower in the middle of the forest." She explained. (Idk if that is correct if I am wrong please correct me in the comments)

"You will have to sign a paper at that stand that says if you die or get severely in the forest of death we will will not be charged for it or else you forfit." She said as points to a stands on the left and right of the gate.

"You have 10 minutes to sign the paper." She said.

I quickly ran over to the stand and read the paper and did my signature and I handed my paper in the to the people in the stands and got my scroll. My Scroll was a heaven scroll so I have to get a Earth scroll.

~~~Time Skip Brought By Chopper The Cute Amazing Reindeer Docter~~~

Finally 10 minutes had gotten by and I think everyone signed the paper  so we just waited for Anko to give us instructions. I saw her walk up to the locked gate and unlock it.

"We now start the second test of the Chunin Exams!"

Sorry to cut it short I would have made it longer but it's getting late and I wanted to at least post a chapter today I will try and post a chapter tommorow. I also didn't really have the motivation and I got distracted along the way anyway hope you forgive me and I hope you have a good day good bye now 👋.

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