A Little

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Todoroki 6'9

Kirishima 5'11

Bakugou 4'11

Bakugou POV:

I'm hanging out at todoroki's house(he lives by himself) we are on his couch when he randomly says

"I want a little" I look at him surprised for a moment

"Then get one" I say

"Would you help?" He asks me

"Ugh fine" I say

First we set up the little room in his spare room I was working from inside the crib and then I realized I couldn't get out

"Icy hot!" I yell he turns around

"Get my out I'm stuck!" I yell again he looks at my and chuckles and then lifts me out by the armpits and sets me down on my feet

"Its not funny" I say

"Kinda is" he says i glare at him he just boops my nose

After we finish the room

"So who do you want as your little?" I ask

"I was gonna try your friend kiri...I kinda have a crush on him" he says I nod

I can see him as a little

"K then I'll invite him over" I say while texting kiri

"You'll help me?" Todoroki asks I scuff

"Yes idiot, he's on his way" I say

"Stop calling people idiots bakugou" todoroki says sternly kinda scarying me but I wont tell him that

"W-whatever" I say and look away then we hear the door knock so we both go, todoroki opens the door

"Hey guys" kirishima says walking inside

"Hey shitty hair" I say with a smirk then I get a small smack on my ass

"Ow" I glare at todoroki, he gives me a stern look then picks kirishima up on his hip

"Wow- put me down plz" kiri says todoroki carries him to the little room I follow behind, kiri looks around the room shocked and then gets set in the crib with a pacifier in his mouth

I can't help but let out a laugh getting me a harsh slap on my ass making me stop

"I'll be right back you better be nice bakugou" he says and walks out I cant help but cry he really hit me hard

Kirishima POV:

I dont know what's happening but I am in a crib 'I could probably get out of this'

Todoroki slipped a pacifier in my mouth I blushed from embarrassment  then I felt worse when bakugou started laughing then he got a big slap making me flinch I felt bad that look like it hert alot he just looked at the floor

Todoroki warned him and then left, right as he did bakugou started crying  I climed out of the crib and put the pacifier in my pocket

"Hey its ok" I said and picked him up and started rocking him I dont know why I picked him up its not a normal thing to do but I couldn't help it

"Shhh I got you" I say and whisper encouraging words in his ears

"He probably didnt mean to hit you that hard little one.." I say as his crys turn to hiccups, I lay his head on my chest and rub his back soon the door opens and todoroki walks back in

"...what happened?" He asks

"You hit him a little too hard" I tell him his face softens

"Oh baby I'm so sorry" he says and takes bakugou from my hands and hugging him close to his chest

Todoroki POV:

When I get back to the room I see bakugou being cradled in kirishimas arm..its a adorable sight bakugou looks so cute and fragile with his puffy eyes and tear stained face. I asked what happend once kiri told me my heart broke I hurried and picked him up on my hip and apologized, he didnt look at me

"Hey little one I'm not mad" I say and lift his face so hes looking at me kirishima coos and wipe bakugous tears

"Ok... you can put me down now" he says

I stop for a moment and smirk then whisper to kirishima

"I wanted a little so I had bakugou help me get one which was gonna be you cause well I kinda like you" I say kirishima blushes

"I like you too.." he whispers embarrassed I smile

"So I was think bakugou could be are little" I finished kirishima smiled and nodded

"What are you two idiots talking about?" Bakugou says making are heads turn to him

"And could you put me down!" He yells

"Your far to little" I say he looks at my shocked and confused

"Let's get you out of those big boy clothes" kirishima says taking bakugou into his hands and over to the changing room he starts squirming

Bakugou POV:

When I was crying kirishima picked me up I didnt protest it felt good he was rocking me and telling me how great I am he did call me little one but I didnt think much of it

Then todoroki came back I got a little scared but then he picked me up told and told me he was sorry and called me baby, him and kirishima started cuddling me..this is getting a little weird

What's with these nicknames..

After calming down I asked to get down he just whispered to kirishima now I'm getting frustrated so I yelled at them to put me down he said I was too little...what

Then kiri said he needed to get me out of my big boy clothes my eyes widened

What the fuck is happening

He started taking me to the changing table and no matter how much I squirmed he wasnt gonna put me down

He lays me down and todoroki runs my tummy while kiri gets out a onesie and a diaper

Oh hell no

"Its ok daddy has you" todoroki says

This is not happening

Kirishima starts to undress me I cry from embarrassment

"Nooo" I whine, kiri puts baby powder over my private parts my face heats up he lifts my legs and slides the diaper under me and straps it on my I cry harder he put the pink fluffy onesie on my then kisses my face all over

"Aw my little baby" kirishima says picking me back up and cradling me

"I think he needs a nap he must be all warn out huh?" Todoroki says taking me from kiri and setting me in the crib and handing me a frog plushie and kirishima gives me the pacifier

"Night little one" they say and kiss me on each cheek

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