Sahara POV:

I first meet him while working at the dinner downtown.  He and his friend walked in right at 10:30, closing time. Without acknowledging Kate or I, the only two waitresses working that night, they sat down in the booth at the very back, my section.

I turned to Kate, “Just head home. Mikey and I can close.”

Mikey, the cook, nodded his head in agreement with me.

“You’re sure Sahara?”

“Yes go! John is probably waiting for you.”

Kate had just moved in with her boyfriend of two years. They were madly in love. He still came in to the dinner every day and flirted with her.  Occasionally he would show up at closing with flowers and picnic baskets and take her on a midnight stroll thought the woods. He was the perfect boyfriend, and they loved each other dearly.

She gave me a sly look and yelled as she went out the door, “I owe you one.”

I went to the table at the back. They were both dressed in nice navy trousers and white button down dress shirts. Their ties had come loose, and their shirt tails had come untucked. The looked stressed. The one on the left side of the booth had brown sideswiped hair. His skin was slightly tanned and his eyes were a moss green.  He was muscular without being bulky. The man on the right was much larger. His muscles were much more defined. His blond hair was cut much shorter and tousled up.  He had a small hint of stubble on his chin, and his eyes were also a mossy green. His skin was a tad bit lighter than his companion.

“Hi! My name is Sahara, and I will be your waitress this evening.” I handed them their menus, “What can I get you?”

“Your number.” The one with brown hair informed me and the blond one finally looked up.

His green eyes changed to pale silver for a second before changing back. The second that they changed back they were filled with love and compassion. It made my heart thump, and I had the feeling that if I was ever separated from him from any substantial amount of time I would sink into a great depression. He quickly looked back down at his table. His hands, which were on the table top, began to shake. His friend looked back to him and shot him a glare. “Calm down!” The one on the left whispered urgently. He looked up at his friend. They just stared at each other for a few seconds.

“I just come back in a bit.”  I said to them leaving as quickly as possible, but escape was not that easy.

“No wait, um I’ll have a coffee and …” The blond one said.

“A coke.” His friend finished.

“Do ya’ll know what you’ll have to eat or do you need a bit more time.”

“Ummm, yeah,” The blond one again stared, “I’ll have a Rib-eye, rare.”

“And a peppercorn stake, also rare.”

“Thanks, I’ll be back with your drinks in a second.” I said with a smile,

I turned back around and headed to the counter. “Them boys giving you trouble, Sahara?” Mikey asked.

“Nope but they did order, one rib-eye, rare, and peppercorn stake, also rare.”

“It’ll be right up.”

“Thanks Mikey.”

I headed back to their table with drinks in hand. They were whispering furiously.

“He wants out. God, he has never been like this.” The blond one said in a pain laced voice.