I walked by the living room and saw my dad blankly staring at the tv which is all he ever did lately

"Hey daddy" I said as I sat on the couch

"Hey baby" he said snapping out of whatever world he was in

After what felt like 10 hours of silence, I had to ask

"I never asked how it was for you" 

He put his hand on top of mine

"You never know what's gonna happen next which is the worst part. Living in constant fear every minute-" he paused "you hear that?" he asked

I listened...but didn't hear anything
"No" I said

"Wait shh" he said as he clenched my hand

I heard a helicopter get closer and closer flying over the house

He sat there frozen and slightly terrified .Squeezing the life out of my hand

"It's just a helicopter dad" I whispered

He started breathing heavily as the sound slowly disappeared and he finally left go of my hand.

But my heart my still racing

I just sat and blankly stared at the TV with him

I've never seen him so out of it. This wasn't my father. The man who was always alert and quick with everything was now a limp and depressed former marine.

I was helpless

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