VI. Ponder

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"Hmm, so let me get this straight, so you were looking for books yesterday when you suddenly found one saying that your lover is in front of you and then you saw Heeseung hyung?" Sunoo asked Minji as he was eating his sandwich.

"Yeah, it was the weirdest thing ever. Like, Heeseung? That's really REALLY weird." Minji replied

Sunoo rolled his eyes, thinking that she was being too over reactive.

"Come on, it's not THAT bad. Heeseung hyung's a nice guy. He treats us well, like a big brother."

"EXACTLY. Emphasis on 'brother'. I cannot envision him as something not a brother figure."

"Woah woah, why are you so worked up though? It's just a synopsis of a book, you're acting as if something will happen."

"Well not really, it's just-"

"What? You like Heeseung hyung or something?"

"What?! NO! Why would I-"

"Why would you what?"

"Like him?"

"I don't know, you tell me."

"I DON'T!"

"Then why are you acting like that?"

"Like what?!"

"That. You're so defensive. Maybe you do like him."

Minji was speechless - but not because she agrees that she likes Heeseung, but because she didn't know what else to say. It seems that no matter what she says, Sunoo will still keep teasing her.

She snatched his sandwich and kept it far from his reach.

"HEY! That's my breakfast!"

"Listen here you little kid-"

"I'm only a few days younger than you-"

"Listen or I'm throwing this sandwich."


"I do NOT like Heesung, you understand?"

"Yeah yeah whatever, just give me my food."

Minji scoffed at him before she returned the sandwich while glaring at Sunoo.


"Umm, what are you doing?" Jay asked Jake.

"Homework. Wanna help me?" Jake asked the older.

"What's it about?"


"Nope, no thank you."  Jay replied with a sarcastic smile before sitting down.

Currently, Jay, Jake, and Sunghoon were sitting at the tables located outside the cafeteria building. It was their daily routine - since they arrive at school early, they hangout there first before they head to their classrooms.

"Hey, isn't that Sunoo and Minji?" Jay asked Jake and Sunghoon as he saw the two friends form afar.

Jake and Sunghoon nodded in response to the question.

"Speaking of Minji, isn't she the one you've been eyeing on Sunghoon?"

Sunghoon stared at Jay and replied,

"Yeah, and?"

"So when are you asking her out? You kept bugging Niki to introduce her to you, but you haven't done anything."

"Relax, we only met them yesterday, I'm pretty sure Hoon here is still building up his confidence." Jake replied

"Hey! I'm always confident! I'm not a shy- wait what'd you say?" Sunghoon halted.

"I said you're building up your confidence." Jake replied.

"No not you, Jay hyung."

"I said Niki introduced her to you."

"No before that."

"When are you asking her out?"

"What do you mean by that?" Sunghoon asked - looking at Jay in a weirded out manner.

"Aren't you interested in her?" Jay replied.

"I am, but not in that way!"

Jake and Jay looked at Sunghoon, confused as to what he meant.

"She's part of the journalism committee."

Jay and Jake sat there, confused.

"She writes the in the school paper sometimes."

The two were still confused. They had no idea what Sunghoon was trying to say.

"I'm becoming closer to her so that she can give me better interviews."

"You leech." Jay replied as he stood up, taking his things with him in an attempt to leave Sunghoon behind.

"Hey! But I also want to be her friend!" Sunghoon exclaimed.

"Yeah right, next thing you'll say is that you only became close with me because I help you with homework." Jake said, following Jay's plans of leaving Sunghoon.

"Hey no! Jake you're my best friend!" Sunghoon said as he go his bag and catch up with the two.

"Shut up."


Minji and Sunoo were at their lockers. The two were still bickering about their topic earlier at the bus though. Sunoo was still not convinced that she doesn't like Heeseung even a little bit.

"I'm just saying, you two would look very cute together." Sunoo said before he closed his locker door.

"Can you like, stop. This conversation ended minutes ago, I told you, I don't like him." Minji replied.

"Besides, it's not like he likes me? Why would he be interested in me."

She actually pondered to herself the answer to that question. She believed that there was no way that Heeseung likes her, but still, she wondered what she'd do if he did.

As she was getting her books from the locker, she recognized someone standing far away. She recognized that person coming closer - and she knew that she'd have to leave or else Sunoo will do something that would embarrass her.

She hurriedly gathered her things and close the locker as quickly as possible. She had no plans of staying there much longer - she cannot allow herself to be near Sunoo and Heeseung at the same time - not until she guarantees that Sunoo will shut up about the topic.

"He's behind me, isn't he?" Sunoo asked Minji

"Bye." Minji said as she ran away quickly, but her eyes were still looking at the person far away.

She wasn't looking at where she was going - causing her to bump into another student at the hallway.

Her books fell to the floor. She wanted to hurry and pick up the books, but she paused upon hearing the student's words.

"If you're trying to bump into me 'unintentionally', causing your books to fall, making us grab it at the same time, then causing us to accidentally hold hands - sorry, but that doesn't work on me.

Minji looked up, focusing on the student's eyes before realizing who that is.

"If you're trying to get my attention, you're going to have to try a bit harder than that."

It was Yang Jungwon.

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