The Wizard Of Nature - Episode 4

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( Yan Behind the Glowing Trees )

Yan: S-sugoi..... *-*

( A Girl That Has Green Long Hair And Shining White Gown )

Yan: W-who.....

Girl: A visitor.....

Eramina: I'm The wizard Of Nature, Eramina...

Yan: i'm... Yannyah Tokashemi...

Eramina: You're Lost in The forest?, Am i right?

Yan: Yes....

Eramina: How did you get lost, My dear?

Yan: I ran away...... It's just because of my Ex-friend...

Eramina: Hmmmm.....

Eramina: Well you know, Sometimes Friends can have ''Accidents'' Sometimes..

Yan: But she's mean... And always lie to our Teacher.

Eramina: She's your Best Friend...

Yan: -sigh- Can you help me go back home?

Eramina: Alright.

Eramina: But i have to be with you everyday.

Yan: Okay.....

Yan: wait why?

Eramina: It's My time to help people.

Yan: Oh okay....

Era: Call me Era, Or Era-san.

Yan: Call me Yanu then...

( Meanwhile At Zimu And Seren And Momo )

Momo: It's totally creepy here e-e

Zimu: I wish this was a dream...

Seren: I totally know right!

Seren: And just 1 more day it's School!

Momo: We really have to find Yanu, right now >u<

Zimu: Yah, Right whatever.

( Meanwhile at Yan And Era )

Yan: Finally i'm at my house...

Yan: You have magic right?

Era: Yep, Why?

Yan: Can you find my friends, Zimu,Seren And Momo. I'm really worried about them, i wan't you to find them for me and take them ay seren's house, make sure they're asleep.

Era: Is there anything?

Yan: Nope, i'll just wait at seren's house.

Era: Okay then.

Era: -poofs-

( Meanwhile At Zimu,Seren,Momo )

Era: -behind the tree's-

Zimu: This is Tiring!, Can we atleast just lay back and rest for even just a minute!?

Seren: But we have to keep going!

Zimu: Ugh.

Era: -blows a special dust at them-

Zimu/Momo/Seren: -yawn-..... -Fell Asleep-

Era: These girl's must be what Yanu was talking about.

Era: It seem's like they're looking for her o-o

Era: -Uses Magic To Carry Them-

Era: -Walks Away-

(Meanwhile at Yan)

Yan: I do hope they're okay...

Yan: Well.... I hope zimu is okay too, But i still hate her!. >-<

Era: -Appears infront of her while using magic to carry Her Friends-

Yan: Finally!, Phew.. they're asleep.

Era: Now, is there anything?

Yan: Yup!, i want you to magically clean they're dress, i know i'm asking too much but this is really important.

Era: It's alright, I am the Wizard Of Nature After all ^•^

Yan: Thanks!

( After Era Magically Cleaned Their Dress and Putted their Bags Away )

Yan: What will happen if they see you?

Era: Don't worry they wont see me, i have magic remember?, You're the only one that can see me.

Yan: Thank God..

Yan: Can you clean my dress too?, I'm a bit filthy, But put me in a wet clothe,wet hair

Era: -snaps fingers- -and she was clean but her clothes were wet also her hair-

Yan: Thanks!

Era: -puts some of her Friends at the sofa,the ground,the other sofa while sleeping in the living room-

Yan: -Pretends to Sleep-

( Seren,Momo,Zimu Woke Up )

Seren: Huh?!

Momo: N-nani?

Zimu:What's going on?

Seren: i don't know, wait... was it all a dream?

Zimu: Eh?!, Yan is here.

Momo: So it was a dream.

Zimu: Well it's a dream alright, just look at yan, She totally did what i dared her, Hah!

Yan: -wakes up- -yawn- Oi minna-san, What's wrong?, You look like you just saw me o.o

Yan: -acting-

Seren: Oh,Uhmmmmm it was nothing.

Momo: Yah, it's nothing.

Zimu: Yah, i'm impressed that you actually did what i dared you, you brat!

Yan: Whatever.

Seren: Look's like our sleepover is done.

Momo: -nods- i better go home now.

Seren: Okay!

Zimu: Yup, me too.

Yan: Me either, mom is probably preparing breakfast for me right now.

Seren: okay!, see yah!

(Momo,Seren,Yan Left Seren's House)

Yan: -walking with Era-

Era:Well?,I bet Zimu is your Ex-friend?

Yan: Yep.....

Era: You-

Yan: Let's just not talk about her today, i'm so Hungry right now.

Era: Fine...


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