"Kate, I think you should rest." Justin replies and starts to leave. Sophia rolls her eyes.

"Don't abandon me Justin!" I yell holding back tears.

"Goodbye Kate." Justin says and walks out.

Why is this happening? Did Brian or someone erase Justin's memory or something? The First Lady said I was safe! I shot Brian and he died right in front of my eyes! Was that a clone of Justin?

I need to get out of here. It isn't safe. I grab a hold of the IV pole and pull myself up. I swing my feet off the bed and stand up. This is unbearable. I need to.. I don't know where to go! I don't know what to do! Why does Justin think he's in love with Sophia? Why does he think we only dated for two months? Why is this happening to me? I fall back onto to bed sobbing. There's no hope in trying to escape. I wouldn't make it three steps.

The next two days I spend sleeping crying and pretending to swallow pills. They are currently all logged in the space between the mattress and the side of the frame of the bed. I don't even have a T.V. in here.

"Kate?" I look up surprised to see Justin.

"Why are you here?" I ask my heart lifting. He came back.

"I... Kate I'm so sorry." He says and a couple of men in white suites march into the room.

"Who are these guys?" I ask feeling a heaviness fall over my chest.

"They're here to take you a place where you can get help." He replies.

"What? Justin I don't need help.." I say feeling completely defeated.

"Kate, I don't love you. I could never love you." He whispers. It's crazy how five words can break my heart. How five simple words could cause me so much pain. I could never love you.

"You said forever." I choke out feeling empty.

The men in white grab my arms and lift me out of the bed. I struggle kicking my legs out and pulling my arms. I feel a searing pain in my stitches and I know they've ripped.

"No Justin don't let them take me!" I scream as they drag me out of the bed. I kick one of them in the crotch and he doubles over in pain. I run towards Justin and hold his face with my two hands. "I'm Kate and you love me. You do. I love you. Our love is forever. We are forever." I say tears running down my cheeks. I feel the men in white grab me by my hair. I scream grabbing onto Justin. He wraps his arms around me and I feel relieved. He looks into my eyes and lets go. I scream as the guards pull me away. They drag me out of the room I feel a sharp pressure in my neck and I fall unconscious.

I awake in another hospital bed. But I know this isn't a hospital. The air smells stale and my wrists and strapped onto the bed. I don't belong here. A nurse walks in and unstraps my hands from the bed.

"Take these." She says handing me a small plastic cup with a blue pill in it. I shake my head pushing her hand away. "Take them and you can go outside for a little bit." She offers handing me the pills. I tip the container letting the blue pill fall to the ground. She glares at me and forces me back down on the bed strapping my wrists in. She walks out leaving the cup and pill on the floor. My vision blurs and a tear slips down my cheek.

Later that night a different nurse arrives with a meal. It's dry chicken with peas and slice of bread. I eat it all and once I'm finished I take the cup of pills and drop them on the floor. My way of rebelling against this injustice. She glares at me and shuffles around the floor searching for the pills. After three minutes she gives up looking for the last pill and walks out of the room with the tray. I think she forgot to strap me back in.

The men in white arrive and force my wrists back in the straps. I don't understand why that's necessary. It's not like I'm going to attack them. They leave and I stare at the ceiling counting all the little bumps.

Four days later after I've cried so much that my eyes are puffy and swollen a nurse walks in and offers me the pills.

"It'll ease the pain." She says handing me the little cup. I take the cup from her and stare at them. Why shouldn't I? I might as well take them it could help. I place the pill in my mouth and swallow the pill. The nurse unstraps my wrists and leaves the room. After three minutes I feel like I'm on a cloud. My thoughts are blurred and I can't put sentences together. I touch the blanket and I can't quite make out what it feels likes. My brain feels fuzzy like its full of cotton. I just feel like sleeping. I lay down on the bed and close my eyes feeling light.

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