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| School |

"Wassup, Bruh?" I said dapping Artavious, Keion and Hakeem

"Not shit, Yo you know we ain't got Mr.B class today some bout they couldn't get a substitute so we ain't got his class."

"Good cause his old ass boring anyways, Y'all seen Daysi?"

"Yeah she was talking to your sister."
Hakeem said

"Which one?"

"April" He said

"Alright, Meet me by the football field after school for practice"


~ Daysi's Locker ~

I walked up behind her and kissed her cheek. She turned around and smiled

"Hey, T" she said putting her books in

"Hey, You ok?" I asked her smiling

"I'm straight, why do you ask?"

"No reason, I just wanted to make sure my girl alright, that's all."

"Cut the bullshit, T. What's this about?"

"Yo, you really tripping this morning. What's up? You need to talk to me about some? Some going on at home??" I asked trying to at least hear this shit from her

"Why was your father at the foster home yesterday?" She asked me

"How am I supposed to know? He don't tell me anything." I lied

"T, just stay away from me. Alright." she said shutting her locker

"Daysi... baby, what's wrong?" I said reaching for her hand

She looked over my shoulder and snatched away, "I gotta go"

"DAYSI!" I yelled.

She ignored me and walked away, I looked over my shoulder and there was nobody there what was she so afraid of? Why was she tripping? I don't know, I'm gone go and ask April wth going on

I went to her classroom and looked in the window signaling for her to come out, she nodded and came out

~Green Room

"What's up with Daysi?" I asked her

"How am I supposed to know? She been tripping all morning."

"You let me know what's up if you find out."

"Alright and don't have that nigga around our sister."

"Artavious is a good dude."

"maybe but not for Autumn."

| After School|

I met up with the boys when Daysi came out and she was walking across the field but she had a blunt in her hand.

"Give me a minute." I told them running over to her

"Daysi, What I do?"

"Everything. You and your sister. I shouldn't have told her bout this now your father knows and you know. Your parents didn't do anything but make them worst. You guys just need to stay away from me, I knew this wasn't gone work."

"Daysi, tell me what's going on? You don't want to get out??"

"I do, but you're only making things worst. He's not going to jail. And, you can forget it."

"You don't trust I will protect you?"

"I don't want you hurt, and it's best I stay away from you." She said letting go and walking away

"I love you though, Daysi. I can't just leave you."

"You're not leaving, I am." She said

I sighed and walked back over to the bleachers, April and Autumn walked over

"Bro, we got a problem." Autumn said

"What besides me leaving my girl?"

"Some dude looking for you. And he attacked us." They said

"WHO?" I said getting up

"I don't know, he's gone."

"Y'all alright?" The boys asked

I grabbed them checking for bruising, Autumn and April had a couple bruises on they neck and arms

"Where he at?" I asked them, "What way he go?"

"He's gone... Okay?" They said

"Lil mama, y'all alright?" Artavious asked them

"We straight." April said giving him attitude

"Y'all riding with us. You ain't walking home."

"We straight." They said


"We going with the girls. "

"Y'all so damn hardhead. Y'all let's go." I said grabbing the girls

"TJ, you're hurting me." Autumn said

I let go of her and we all got in Keion car
"What dude look like?" I asked them

"Tall, fair complexion and tattoos
everywhere. He had tear tattoos under his eye and long hair." They said

"We gotta tell mama." Autumn said

"Nooooo, that's one person we can not tell about this. Including pops." April and I said

"They gone ask what happened."

"I'll think of some." I said

Dude ain't getting away with laying his hands on my sister and I'm going to get my girl back

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