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Danilo pov

After Leo got Allina we all just chatted abit more, it was currently 4.45 pm.

"We should probably all take a shower and get ready for dinner, we are going out tonight"
Giovanni said

We all agreed and went to out rooms, Leo took Allina to get her dressed and stuff.

I got to of room and stripped out of my clothes, i took a shower and then got dressed in a casual summer outfit,
Short jeans, a white shirt and some sneakers. And i hid some guns under my clothing... everyone of us does that when we go out bc you never know.

I then walked back downstaris where most of them was already waiting, the only ones not here yet were: Leo, Diego, Romeo and Julio.

We chatted a bit and were now only waiting for Leo to come down, he obvioulsy had more work with Allina.

Leo pov

We got to our rooms to shower and get ready, i took Allina.

I got the bassinet that was in my room still, and placed it in the bathroom so i had a clear view of Babygirl.

I then took a shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. I took the bassinet with Allina back to my room, and set it down again. I put on some casual shorts and a black t-shirt, along with black sneakers. I hid some guns under my shirt.

I then picked Allina up and walked to her room, so i could get her dressed.

I walked into her closet with her on my shoulder and picked out a SUPER CUTE summer outfit, along with a thin vest, incase it would get cooler tonight.
I then changed her and looked at my cute Babygirl while the was holding my pinky finger...she was adorable.
I then got her diaper baf ready with some usual stuff, incase.
And then picked up Lina, and carried her downstairs where the boys were already waiting, and they already had the stroller ready, since we were gonna go to a beach restaurant, and we were walking since we lived next to the beach.
I placed her down quickly so they could are her outfit and they all complimentjes her, bc she looked
'so freaking adorable' as Carlo would say....

 I placed her down quickly so they could are her outfit and they all complimentjes her, bc she looked 'so freaking adorable' as Carlo would say

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*The outfit, i'm sorry if you dont like it, you can always imagine
a different one*

I picked her back up and put her down in the stroller, we then walked out with all the boys, i bet it looked kinda......strange?? 21 boys walking with a stroller.... but we didn't care, people were scared of us.

Danilo pov *again I knowww*

I was pushing the stroller, we had a little fight over who got to push it, we decided we would switch every 5 minutes, it was a 45 minutes walk, quite long but it was really good weather and we could all spend time together.

I looked down at Babygirl to see she was smiling at me.

"Hi Babygirl"
I said in a tone that I heard people use to little kids... if ya know what i mean....

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